1.1 Tiger Woods Rule

HGA Local Rule 1.1: Lost Ball Rule nicknamed "The Tiger Woods Rule" was established to mirror play on the PGA tour. Consider this; with all the fans, cameras, press, caddies, tournament officials and volunteers, when was the last time you saw a tournament professional loose a ball? I've seen it happen twice: Once it was certainly in a tree, but not found and once, Tiger lost it in the Woods.

Details: A "lost ball" in the course of play (not out of bounds or in a hazard) will be played nearest the location the ball was lost, no closer to the hole. The player incurs a one stroke penalty. This rule replaces the USGA "lost ball" rule.

If a ball is considered "lost" and not in a hazard or out of bounds, opponents will assist a player in placing a new ball in what is believed to be the nearest location of the lost ball no closer to the hole.

IMPORTANT: If there is any chance a ball is "out of bounds" and it is not found it is considered "out of bounds" and will be played under the USGA rules as "out of bounds" (stroke plus distance). If there is any question that the ball may be "out of bounds", play a provisional ball immediately from the original location to speed up play.

The rationale for the local HGA rule has been established to speed up play AND to be more consistent with USGA professional tournament play. Please play provisional balls liberally to speed up play. If you believe there is any chance your ball is "out of bounds," play a provisional so you don't have to return to the tee.