Green Flag

In Ballyhass NS we already have three green flags for Litter and Waste, Energy and Water.

We are currently working towards the fourth flag for Travel. The aim of the Travel theme is to encourage students ans parents to walk, cycle, scoot, Park 'n' Stride, use public transport or carpool instead of using private cars on the school run.

As part of our Action Plan for our Travel Flag, our Green Flag committee carried out a Walkability Audit with the help of Fiona Barry from An Taisce. A Walkability Audit is as audit of the pedestrian routes to school. This involves walking the routes to school and making notes of what is good or bad about a particular area ie road surfaces, availability of footpaths, road signage. The results of our audit are displayed in the link below.

Travel Survey

We recently carried out a travel survey to establish how the children travel to school each day. We discovered that a staggering 77.6% of our pupils travel to school daily by private car. We then decided to look more closely at how we could cut down the number of cars outside the school each morning and afternoon. A further survey informed us that 45% of the cars coming to the school each day contain just one student, while a further 40% contain two students. In consultation with Ellen O'Sullivan from An Taisce, our focus going forward with the travel theme will be to promote car-pooling where possible. The results of the two surveys carried out are displayed below.

Travel Survey

As part of both our Active flag and our Green Flag we recently walked to Ballyhass Lakes to complete the run-offs for Cork City Sports which takes place on May 30th.

Travelling by Car to Ballyhass N.S.

We all enjoyed our afternoon at Ballyhass Lakes.

On Thursday April 4th, the Green Flag committee carried out our National Spring Clean day. We collected rubbish from the school yard, pitch and courtyards. Children from the senior classes then collected up the rubbish from the ditches and roadsides closest to the school. We like to keep the school and it's surroundings looking well. We will be carrying out another yard clean-up following our annual May Fayre, which takes place on May 12th. Photos of our Spring Clean day are posted below.

Our Green Flag committee

Cleaning our pitch


Litter & Waste is the first theme. It focuses on litter and waste issues, encouraging a sense of responsibility

Energy looks at the steps which can be taken at school to reduce energy consumption and raise awareness of climate change

This theme develops awareness around water conservation and how to effectively manage this important resource in schools

This theme aims to increase the number of students walking, cycling, scooting, using public transport or carpooling to school