3rd Class


Spring is here . We learned all about St Brigid . She seems like a very interesting person.We made a St Brigid’s cross from rushes. We were looking for signs of Spring around the school . We found snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils and Spring flowering heathers. We were surprised to find daisies and even danderlions growing !! Mrs Twomey had some hyacinths in a vase and there was a wonderful scent from them , so wonderful we had to put them out in the corridor!!

We made lovely Valentine hearts from clay . We had to make them thicker because if they were too thin they would crack. We painted them and gave them to our parents with our cards and our personalised verses.

We drew large faces and did fantastic blow painting hair. They look crazy, colourful, weird, funny, amazing and lovely. We’re also learning lots of adjectives!!

We started Station Teaching. We have five groups. We do ten minutes of old book, new book, phonics, written activity and Ipads. We have a timer and when it goes off we move on to the next task. We really enjoy it. Miss O’ Regan , Mrs Quinn, June and Mrs Twomey help us . The time flies.

Good bye from all of us in Third!!!


Hello everyone,

Miss O'Regan did her Teaching Practice in our class. We did lots of lovely things. We learned all about Australia . We were fascinated to learn about the Aborigines and how badly treated they were. Miss O' Regan brought in her Didgeridoo . We listened to it being played on the Interactive white board. We painted some animals using the Aboriginal dot style. We made Boomerangs out of clay. We used "Mind mapping " to help us do mini projects on Australian animals with Mrs Twomey.

We are very busy practicing for Cork City Sports. We walked down to Ballyhass Lakes to practice running in their pitch so we can run the actual distances of 80m and 100m. It seemed quite long!! It was a fabulous day for the walk and we looked for signs of Spring along the way. Its also good for us to be out in the fresh air and moving!!

We did lovely Symmetry paintings and we made symmetry painted hearts for our Mothers' Day cards. They looked amazing when we were finished. We did Autobiographical poems with Miss O' Regan and Mrs Twomey got us to make Biographical poems for our Moms. So Happy Mothers' Day to all our Mammies!!