4th/5th Class


Hi all, we had a very busy interesting February here in 4th/5th class. We have undertaken cooking lessons as part of a supervalu sponsered project. Supervalu have very generously sponsored lots of cooking equipment to the school and provided menus and lesson plan ideas. We have cooked a different dish each week with the help of Mrs O Sullivan, Mrs Quinn and Ursula. However, each pupil had to take turns in preparing and cooking each dish. We have explored a lot of skills such as measuring, whisking, cutting and flipping etc. Most of us enjoyed the scrambled eggs, especially with toast and brown bread. Our fried aubergine slices received mixed reaction!! Some of us tried it with honey also. The fried quesadillas were a huge hit among all the pupils and we had some great ideas as to how we could extend the recipe. We are looking forward to trying more dishes in March!!!! See school news for photgraphs of same.

We had great fun in March making granola as part of our Supervalu Cooking Little Stars inititive. It was very easy to make and delicious to eat. On pancake Tuesday, we made pancakes and waffles. They were very tasty and it was a lovely treat to have on a Tuesday.

We each studied a European Capital in March and created a project that we then presented to the class. It was fascinating to learn all about each others cities. Did you know that Prague has a street that is only 19 inches wide and it has traffic lights?? We also enjoyed many St Patrick's Day activities. See you all next month.