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PTA Christmas Fair

9th December 2022

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What is the PTA?

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is an open community of parent volunteers working alongside the school and teachers to benefit the school and ensure the best educational experience for all its students. We are looking for parent/carer volunteers who would like to join the SJA PTA.

The aim of our PTA would be to plan fun events over the year for our children whilst raising money for our school. We will aim to make events affordable and enjoyable for everyone. Successful events could include: discos, movie nights, fairs, pop-up gift shops, uniform sales and second hand clothing collections as well as providing refreshments at other school organised events.

PTA Email:

Upcoming Meetings (held in the school Family Learning Centre)

Thurs 6th October @ 3.30 pm

Thurs 10th November @ 3.30pm

Mon 28th November @ 9am

Miss B Lamb

Vice Principal & President

Kayleigh Moorcroft-Jones


John Page


Amy Brooker

Vice Chair

Keileigh Page


How can you help?

The more members of the PTA we have the better things will be. You can help by attending a fun, informal meeting to help plan and organise events, fundraising, social media posts, baking, serving drinks, manning stalls to securing prizes from local organisations and helping to set up equipment.

Perhaps you have a flair for graphic design, events management, photography, or you're good at selling raffle tickets and promoting events. There are all sorts of skills we will need! As many of us are working parents or have caring responsibilities, we appreciate the pressures of family and work and we value any amount of time parents can spare us. We hope to strike a happy balance between home, work and PTA life – but with more volunteers on board it definitely helps to share the load!

Why is a PTA important for a school?

  1. It sets a great example for your child - Being active in the PTA not only improves your child's school but also makes you an excellent role model.

  2. It builds trust – It's a great way to get to know other parents and teachers whilst gaining an insight into the workings of the school. With parents and teachers striving towards the same goals, the parent group is instrumental in making a real difference in the school life of all children.

  3. It raises welcome funds - Whether it’s creating an outdoor learning space or arranging a visit from a top author, the funds raised from your activities impact massively on the opportunities and experiences of all the children at school.

  4. It gives you a voice - Many PTAs already act as a consultative group for the school leaders and governors. So whether it’s deciding on where PTA funds are spent or getting parent views on school activities, you can make sure parents have a voice in how your school operates.

  5. It forges connections beyond the school gates - PTAs are brilliant for building relationships with the local community, from events to sponsorships from local businesses and mentions in local press.

  6. It's good for you - Every parent has plenty to offer a PTA and whether it’s being on the committee or helping out, your talents will be put to good use. As well as being enjoyable and satisfying, you can build your confidence and learn new skills too.

Do I need to be DBS checked?

If you want to be able to help at in-school events where you will be in contact with the children then you will need to have a check carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to ensure the safety of the children. You may already have a valid DBS certificate but, if not, it's a very simple procedure, so please don't let this put you off! Some activities, the summer fair, for example, where the children are under parental supervision, don't require a DBS check. You don't need a DBS to attend meetings and help with planning events either.

For any more information or to ask any questions please email:

We look forward to seeing you soon!