Academy Vision & Values

School Vision

St James the Great Academy is a community of learning, caring and celebration. Every member is valued as an individual and given the skills and understanding needed to become successful, confident citizens of the future.

Our values

Cooperation, Equality, Honesty,

Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility

We aspire to achieve these aims by:

  • providing an environment in which the children feel safe, secure and happy and able to develop a sense of self-worth in order to become confident, independent learners;
  • establishing and promoting acceptable standards of behaviour, good personal relationships and respect for each individual;
  • developing the individual talents of all students to their fullest potential, enabling them to gain the best results and qualifications of which they are capable;
  • ensuring that every child experiences a curriculum that is broad, rich and challenging ;
  • promoting high standards of behaviour, good personal relationships and a respect for the individual whatever his or her age, abilities, race, religion, gender or culture;
  • fostering the partnership between students, staff, parents, governors and the wider community;
  • ensuring ‘every child matters’.