Our History Intent Statement:

"To inspire pupils to become curious historians and to equip them with the knowledge and skills to think critically, ask perceptive questions, and become critical explorers by being exposed to a rich curriculum of historical people and places."

Mrs Johnson, History Lead

The history curriculum at St James the Great is carefully mapped out so that all pupils leave primary school equipped with an understanding of the past that paves the way for their future. Throughout their journey in history, pupils will acquire a breadth of knowledge: of places and people and significant events through time. Pupils will be given the opportunity to develop their ability to ask perceptive questions, think critically, analyse evidence, examine arguments, develop judgement, and understand differing perspectives. 

We teach the National Curriculum and local history through the Ark Curriculum within KS1 and the Opening Worlds History Curriculum in KS2.

Curruiuclum Design: Sequencing & Progression

History Curriculum Overview 

History Overview

KS1 Curriculum Progression & Rationale

KS1 Hisotry Rationale.docx

KS2 Curriculum Progression

Progression-in-Opening-Worlds-History (5).pdf

KS2 Curriculum Rationale

Humanities_curriculum_plan_and_rationale_REVISED_May_2023_OW (5).pdf

How History is taught at St James the Great

We teach the national curriculum, using Ark as the vehicle for this journey, adapting it to suit the needs of our children.  

Our History lessons follow this structure:

History Subject Policy

History Policy

Our remarkable curriculum in action...


Toys: Past & Present

The Great Fire of London

Kings & Queens


Ancient Egypt

Ancient Sumer

Wider experiences in Geography...

Year 2: The Great Fire of London - house building and burning!!

Year 5: Viking rulers & runes (Anglo-Saxon & Viking focus)

Year 3: Stonehenge (Stone, Iron & Bronze Age focus)

Year 6: Life in the trenches and the end of the war re-enactments (Conflict & Resolution WW2 focus)

Year 6: Kent Life trip - Workshops learning about life in Ancient Greece and how to become Ancient Greek soldiers (Ancient Greece focus)