Our Music Intent Statement:

"To inspire our creative pupils to develop a love of music and enable rich opportunities to become talented musicians." 

Mrs Heffernan, Music Lead

Curriculum Design: Sequencing & Progression

At St James the Great we follow the Charanga music scheme; more information about this can be found here. Our Music curriculum builds on skills and  knowledge broken down into these key areas:

Listening and appraising

Playing tuned and untuned instruments

Singing and performing

Expressing feelings about music

Composing & Improvising

Rehearsing and performing with others

Substantive Knowledge

Substantive knowledge in music is based on the developing knowledge of the nine interrelated dimensions of music. All musical learning is built around the interrelated dimensions of music. Substantive knowledge focuses on developing children's skills and knowledge required for them to develop as musicians. 

This is broken down into nine interrelated dimensions of music:

pulse       rhythm     pitch     tempo     dynamics

timbre     texture     structure     notation

Disciplinary Knowledge

Disciplinary knowledge in music is the interpretation on the interrelated dimensions of music and how this knowledge is used when singing, playing instruments, improvising and composing, to develop creative and original pieces and performances. Children work independently and collaboratively to interpret and combine the dimensions of music to create a specific and desired effect.

Music Curriculum Overview

Copy of SJA Curriculum Overview Music

Music Progression of Knolwedge & Skills Document 

Music SJA Progression Document

How Music is taught at SJA

At St James the Great Academy, we make music an enjoyable learning experience. We encourage children to participate in a variety of musical experiences through which we aim to build up the confidence of all children. Our teaching focuses on developing: 

Music Subject Policy

Musicians at SJA

Our aims for our young musicians are:

To provide enriched opportunities for pupils to immerse themselves in the world of music through singing, dancing, playing instruments and learning about great composers. We work closely with the Kent Music Hub to provide our pupils an engaging and enriched experience that develops a love for music. 

Our remarkable curriculum in action...


Wider Music experiences...

Our remarkable choir at the Young Voices Concert, at the O2.

Our Reception class have been visiting the Community Café to sing for the members of the community.