Our Mathematics Intent Statement:

"To inspire curious, young people to see the creativity and power of mathematics in the wider world, by providing them with the opportuntites to acquire core mathematical skills and proficiency which can be applied successfully and fluently in a range of contexts and problems."

Miss Lamb, Maths Lead

Maths Progression of Knowledge & Skills

SJA Maths Progression Document

Maths Subject Policy

Maths Subject Policy

At St James the Great we believe that everyone can be a Mathematician. We aim to provide our pupils with the knowledge, skills and character to live a remarkable life. Our pupils thrive on the challenge and creativity of the mathematical world and grow into confident, resilient problem solvers. Our Mathematicians are aware that Maths is everywhere and learn how it fits ino the context of our everyday lives.

Mathematics_ Principles and Characteristics.pdf

Mastery Flow Model

The Mastery Flow Model is a process in which learners progress from new content to deep understanding. We use this specific model for teaching and learning within maths at St James the Great.

We define deep understanding as:

  1. Pupil’s long term retention.

  2. Pupil’s ability to apply learning in a variety of context including unfamiliar context.

  3. It is about pupils knowing what they know.

Our remarkable Science Curriculum in action...

We had a great time celebrating Number Day and together we raised £375 for the NSPCC! We would like to thank all of the children and their families for their generous donations to such an important cause!

The children had a lovely day exploring Maths through challenges, puzzles and games! All of the children completed Buddy's Special Challenge. They solved the puzzles to find the pieces of the key and unlock Buddy's hiding spot.