Writing at Newington

Writing at Newington

Statement of Intent

It is our intention to secure the necessary skills for children to become independent writers. We strive to ensure all children receive a sequential learning experience with rich vocabulary and creativity. We seek to equip children with the essential grammatical tools to articulate themselves in Newington Academy and beyond. 

We will immerse children in quality literature and develop enthusiastic writers through cultivating a community of students who have meaningful discussions and can communicate effectively through the spoken and written word. Over time, strengthening and enriching creativity and imagination within compositions. 

Writing Curriculum

At Newington Academy we follow Pathways to Write from Early Years to year 6. This sequential approach to writing, uses inspirational texts and aspiration vocabulary. Exciting opportunities are given to frequently apply new skills through a language rich curriculum. 

Writing follows sequential units with many opportunities to apply known and new skills. Our aim is to ensure writing is engaging and that everyone can succeed. Through the units we develop our reading, oracy and grammatical skills as we write for a range of different audiences and purposes. 

The skills based approach enables the application of writing features to be applied appropriately, “by limiting the number of skills the units contain, children can really hone their writing techniques, providing excellent, focused assessment opportunities for teachers.” (Pathways to Write).

Children are always given a strong and clear purpose to write to enable every child the opportunity to become an author. Our purposeful writing lessons have challenges to ensure writing continues to stimulate and excite all writers. The writing journey endorses them to build on prior learning, embed, master and further their skills, term by term, year by year. 

With Reading playing such an important role throughout all subjects at Newington, all writing starts with a fun and engaging text. In year 2 and throughout key stage 2  these texts link to their Reading lessons too. 

Throughout school, the mastery approach and vocabulary rich environment is evident through our working walls. Such effective teaching strategies and high-quality text are provided by The Literacy Company - Pathways to Write as we follow their mastery approach. Further information on this whole school package can be found:



  At Newington Academy we aim to develop our children into confident spellers to equip them with the freedom to express themselves. Each week from Years 1 - Years 6 children engage in Pathways to Spell lessons. Each week a new rule will be introduced alongside a review of prior learning. These lessons use a range of games, dictation and memorable experiences to develop our writing transcription. 


At Newington Academy, we want to give all children the opportunity to express their ideas and develop skills for life. Handwriting is an essential part of our curriculum and is practised every day. 

Handwriting begins with our youngest learners in EYFS. Early Years children first start transcription with building their gross and fine motor skills. They are exposed to letter formation through the environment, daily modelling and as part of the Read, Write Inc phonics programme. They are given opportunities to apply these skills to both indoor and outdoor activities. 

As children progress through school, we continue to follow the Read, Write Inc. handwriting guide as our scheme for handwriting. In order to make our letters the correct size, shape and orientation, we use a writing scaffold called: Bubble Writing by Steve Phillips. 

Teachers model each letter and join through daily handwriting practice. 

Newington  Academy recognises the importance of providing lots of opportunities for transcription in the Early Stages of Writing. All letter formations, relationship in size and spacing are checked before introducing children to diagonal joins. When children are ready, cursive handwriting is introduced through Read, Write Inc handwriting guide. 

Teachers will track: letter formation, joins, legibility and speed. Children successful at all four areas will receive their pen licence. Those who require further support will receive additional transcription interventions with continued support from the Bubble Writing scaffold as we seek to ensure all our children are life-long writers.