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Welcome to the Summer Term

We are here for you Newington!

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assembly (2020-04-20 at 06:05 GMT-7)
Newington Walking on Sunshine take

Be unusually brave

Discover what is possible

Push the limits

Be big-hearted

Welcome to Newington Academy

A little bit about us...

Our ICCE Curriculum

Maths Mastery


Resilient Reader

School Council


British Values


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Minibeasts - Foundation Stage

Penguins - Year 1

Koalas - Year 2

Meerkats - Year 3

Panthers - Year 4

Foxes - Year 5

We are Newington!

Dolphins - Year 1

Kangaroos - Year 2

Giraffes - Year 3

Leopards - Year 4

Wolves - Year 5

Tigers - Year 6

Lions - Year 6

'A Learning Journey'

'We've come a long, long way'

Newington Academy - 'A Year in the Life' the video.wmv

Quote of the week:

"Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

(Robin Williams)