E-Safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Newington Academy

Newington Academy believe that the internet is an amazing resource which enables children and young people to connect, communicate and be creative in a number of different ways, on a range of devices.

We have extensive security measures in place in school, which are monitored both internally and externally, via Esafe, to help safeguard pupils from potential dangers or unsuitable material. Any e-Safety incidents are recorded and managed in accordance with our E-Safety Policy. E-Safety is taught as part of the curriculum to all pupils explaining and demonstrating how to stay safe and behave appropriately online.

We can only be successful in keeping children safe online if we work with parents to ensure the E-Safety message is consistent. It is important that parents speak to their children about how they can keep safe and behave appropriately online. It’s essential to be realistic - banning the internet or technology will not work and it often makes a child less likely to report a problem. Education around safe use is essential.

If you have any concerns with how your child is using the internet or would like any advice, feel free to contact Ms Thomas, our school E-Safety Co-ordinator or Mrs Walker, Designated Safeguarding Lead.

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E-Safety resources for parents

E-Safety Advice for Parents of Primary School Children

E-Safety Advice for Parents of Pre-School Children

Think U Know – How to parent guides

Parental Controls

Children are gaining access to and owning their own devices from a ever younger age. Devices can be great for learning and development, however parents should be aware of the content available online and the chance of your child seeing something they shouldn’t when online.

Pre-installed parental controls are available for most devices, laptops and consoles and are part of the system when you buy them. You can often download e-safety apps and software to supplement these controls. But the most important thing is to set the controls on the device itself.

Parental Control 3DS

Parental Control Nintendo Wii

Parental Control Xbox One

Parental Control PS4

Parental Control Android Tablet

Parental Control Ipad

Know your social media

We would like to provide parents with the information they need to understand their child’s online world and help them keep their children safe online. Click on an icon below to learn more about it.

KC Parental Controls let you choose how much of the internet you would like you and your family to see. It's easy to set up and will help you make sure that your family is safe using the internet in your home.

KCOM Parental controls

Useful weblinks to help with internet and online usage.

E-Safety Tips for Parents

InternetMatters is a non-for-profit organisation that has a simple purpose - to help keep children safe in the digital world.

Laura from the BBC shares her views , hints and tips about Internet Safety


Teaching online Safety in school June 2019

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