Every day matters!

It is expected that everyone should have 100% attendance.

During the last academic year our Academy's pupils achieved an overall attendance of 95.1%.

We place great importance on punctuality and attendance. Clearly, children who are not in the academy cannot learn, and children who are late miss important introductions to lessons. Families have an important role to play in ensuring that their children attend well and on time each day. Both punctuality and attendance at primary school/academy tend to set the pattern for later years. So we ask all parents to co-operate in making sure that children attend regularly and on time.

We run competitions for attendance and the results are in newsletters. We actively encourage children to be regular and punctual by rewarding the best attended classes and individuals.

Holidays during term time have a very disruptive effect on children's learning and should, wherever possible, be avoided. If you feel that you have no option but to take your child out of school then you need to complete a holiday request form which is available from the Academy office. Each case is reviewed individually however if a child is taken out of school for an unauthorised holiday each parent may be subject to a fine of £60 per child. If this fine is not paid within 28 days the fine increases to £100. If payment is still outstanding after 42 days a court summons will be issued.

We have a Family Links Worker who can help families with issues relating to attendance and other matters. We also work closely with our Education Welfare Officer. She is in the academy every week, and will become involved in cases of poor attendance. Families should be aware that there are though new regulations in place for poor attendance and in the worst cases these can lead to penalty notices.

If you are having difficulties please speak to us so that we can support you - contact Mrs Scott, Mrs Young or Mr Kernan via the Academy Office (01482 305630) as soon as possible.