Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage at Newington Academy. 

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Welcome to Early Years at Newington Academy!

At Newington Academy we ensure that every child entering our classrooms for the first time has access to an environment that challenges, nurtures and engages their young and inquisitive minds. The children are empowered to discover their voice and find a positive place within the community. Our curriculum is meticulously planned to provide opportunities for the children to develop as independent learners, achieve the Early Learning Goals and establish a solid foundation for future learning. Our overarching goal is to nurture not only knowledge but also creativity, kindness, critical thinking and empathy so that the youngest members of our school community can develop and thrive in our ever changing world.

Here is our Early Years Curriculum 

Newington EYFS curriculum Autumn 1 2023

We spend lots of time developing our Gross and Fine motor skills. We enjoy riding bikes, playing with dough and making marks in a variety of ways.  

Phonics is a favourite activity and we are all phonics superstars who enjoy daily phonic sessions. 

Throughout the Early Years we follow Read Write Inc. 

Our Maths follows the mastery flow model created by the specialist Early Years Maths Team within the Academy Trust. This concentrates on basic skills and supporting with a deeper understanding.