Information For Students

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”

—John C. Maxwell

Information for Students

Dress Code

Sixth Form students occupy a very special and privileged position at Aylward Academy and their conduct in and around the school site should always be exemplary. We expect all Sixth Form students to take pride in their appearance and to represent our school in a positive way.

Whilst there is no formal uniform in the Sixth Form, we expect our students to dress in a manner that is appropriate for the business of school and study. It is important to remember that all Sixth Form students are role-models and, as such, are expected to lead by example and show respect and consideration for all members of the school community. Students should not wear any clothing that may be deemed offensive, provocative or inappropriate.


The following rules must be adhered to:



Males are expected to dress in professional wear. This can include:

  • Males are expected to wear a shirt with a collar

  • Tie

  • Smart trousers (this can include chino-style trousers)

  • Shoes


Females are expected to dress in professional wear. This can include:

    • Smart trousers

    • Skirts/dresses of a reasonable length

    • Smart blouses

    • Cardigans and jumpers

General Dress Code Guidelines

  • No jeans or leggings

  • No trainers (including Vans or similar style footwear)

  • No flip-flops. If sandals are worn, they must have a strap around the heel.

  • No tops with large logos or branding

  • No tops with inappropriate, offensive, suggestive or controversial slogans or designs (such as references to sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, political sentiments etc.)

  • Tops should not be low cut and clothing should not be see-through

  • Skirts must be of an appropriate length for a school environment

  • No sportswear or shorts. Students studying PE will be expected to bring a change of clothes for sport

  • No hooded jumpers. Jackets with hoods are acceptable but must not be worn inside the school building

  • No caps or hats on the school premises

  • Tattoos must be covered. Students should consider this seriously before getting a tattoo as this may cause them inconvenience, particularly in the summer months

  • On certain occasions, we may insist upon a formal dress code. Students will be informed in advance. Formal dress means a suit and tie for male students and professional wear for female students

  • Laboratories and workshops may have further specific requirements (for health and safety reasons) and these must be adhered to

Please remember that the dress code in the Sixth Form is a privilege not enjoyed by other members of the school community and it reflects the level of maturity and independence we expect from our Sixth Form students.

The judgement of the Sixth Form Team will be final on matters relating to the dress code and students failing to comply with it properly may be sent home to change.

Sixth Form Attendance Policy

We know that poor attendance and punctuality affects not only individual student’s grades but also the learning of the whole class; content missed may have to be repeated; group activities and presentations are disrupted. It also shows a lack of respect for, and a poor attitude towards, the teachers and the subjects being missed.

Excellent attendance and punctuality are requisites in ensuring that our students achieve their potential and ‘find their remarkable’. It is also a clear indication of professionalism and commitment. As such, we maintain the highest expectations of our students:

  • 98-100% Expected levels of attendance

  • 95%-97% Satisfactory

  • Below 95% but above 90% a cause for concern

  • Below 90% serious concern


Students are expected to book appointments outside of school hours. This includes medical appointments, driving lessons, interviews and work-experience. Whilst we understand that some absences are unavoidable, they will need to be verified by a parent/carer by contacting Mr Anyemedu, our Sixth Form Student Progress Leader, by phone or email:

0208 350 3255 or