"Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don't understand the language that you're singing in, they still know good music when they hear it."

- Lou Rawls

At Aylward, we provide a broad range of musical opportunities for all students and strive for ambitious music making. We aim to love Music and Performance by becoming brave, inquisitive and independent Musician where every child is unique, and everyone is able to find their remarkable.


In music our intent is to nurture the students' love for music through the development of their musical performance, composition and listening skills. We create a platform for students to develop their confidence and collaboration through their creativity and their appreciation of context, genre and style. Encouraging respect and enabling analysis and evaluation skills. We aim for all students to love music and performance by becoming brave, inquisitive and independent musicians where every child is unique, and everyone is able to ‘find their remarkable’.


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Key Stage 4 BTEC

At BTEC we follow the Edexcel (Pearson) specification. The course requires the students to be able to perform on an instrument or sing to a good level. The course has an element of musical composition, students will be asked to write a piece of music, using computer software, to fulfil a given brief. Students will also need to complete a one hour exam based on the Music Industry, looking at organisations and job roles in the music industry.

  • Exploring music products and styles

  • Music skills development

  • Responding to a musical brief


We find extra-curricular music is very important to students, it helps them with their academic progress and social skills. We have visiting peripatetic teachers for one-to-one or small group lessons for piano, singing, violin, guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, steel pans and woodwind. We also offer support with theory exams and encourage students to take grades. Where available students are also encourages to take home instruments to continue their practise. We have received funding from EMI Music to buy more instruments to involves more students in these projects.

We have also have larger groups including school band, glee group and offer music trips to our students. Last year we took our KS4 students to see Opera at ENO, behind the scenes at the Royal Albert Hall and KS3 students sang at the Tower of London. We also took part in the Enfield School’s music concert and our Glee group, working with teachers from the Pineapple dance studio also came second at the Enfield schools glee competition. This year we are also taking part in the Edmonton battle of the bands with students from year 8 and 9. Students will also be able to gain additional recognition as we will be delivering arts award through the extra-curricular programme.

Enfield Schools Music Festival 2018 :

A Day In The Life At The Royal Albert Hall :


What are the core skills students develop in our subject?

In Music we pursue academic excellence for all young musicians, giving them the opportunity to find and develop their own talents in their own ways.

What are the big ideas in our subject?

  • Music is a creative subject using skills which develops emotional and self confidence.

  • Students learn to respect each other and encourage them to take chances and brave in performance.

  • They become inquisitive exploring new musical genres and independently develop and improve ideas to create their own music.

How do we ensure we support the development of core skills?

We explore a wide range of genres and styles though performance, composition, analysis and evaluation and we make opportunities for students successes to be shared and celebrated. Music supports with not just the academic development of the students but also their social and emotional growth and we recognise the value of this. We aim to give students the best possible grounding in the elements of Music with an emphasis on practical work, both performance and composition.

What motivates and interests our students?

Students will have the opportunity to sing and learn to play a number of instruments, including keyboard, guitar and percussion. Students learn to read music and begin to appreciate how the history of music directly affects the music that they listen to. They will also work with computer technology, exploring modern composition techniques. Our schemes of work offer a wide range of genres from Musical Theatre to Pop, and Classical to Blues, appealing to many different tastes. One of our strengths is in encouraging collaboration and creativity in lessons, we aim to give the students lots of time to work in groups developing their own skills within the chosen genre.

How do we ensure consistency across the key stages?

By making sure that all Key Stages are treated as important. Each key stage should link with the learning being filtered down from top to bottom.