Homework Overview

Research has shown that homework for secondary school students has a positive effective size of 0.64 (Hattie, 2021). To put this into context, an effect size of 0.5 is the equivalent to a one grade improvement at GCSE or A-Level. Research has also shown that the highest effect sizes for homework are associated with the practice or rehearsal of previously learnt subject matter, and that short, frequent and closely monitored homework is more effective than extended pieces of homework.

MacBeath and Turner (1990) outline a number of considerations for designing effective homework, including: homework should be manageable; homework should be challenging but not too difficult; homework should promote self-confidence and understanding; there should be recognition or reward for work done; there should be guidance and support.

Vatterott (2010) identified five fundamental characteristics of good homework: purpose, efficiency, ownership, competence, and aesthetic appeal.

  • Purpose : Homework should be meaningful and students must understand the purpose of any task(s) set

  • Efficiency : Homework should not take a disproportionate amount of time

  • Ownership : Students need to feel connected to the content they are learning, and understand its purpose

  • Competence : Students should feel competent when completing homework

  • Inspiring : Well-considered and clearly designed resource and task impacts positively upon student motivation.

Homework at Aylward Academy

The homework strategy at Aylward Academy is based on the following principles:

  • Homework will be set on a regular weekly cycle

  • Homework will be used to revise/revisit previously learnt material, using an interleaving approach

  • Homework will utilise high-quality existing resources (e.g. Seneca Learning, Mathswatch etc.)

  • Homework will be centrally set and monitored at KS3 and KS4

KS3 Homework

Students in KS3 will complete approximately 20 minutes of homework for each of their Ebacc subjects, as outlined in the table below. In addition, students will complete 40 minutes of reading per week.

KS4 Homework

Students in KS4 will complete approximately 30 minutes of homework for all of their subjects every week, which will be recorded in their bespoke KS4 learning journals.

KS5 Homework

Students in KS5 will complete at least one hour of homework for all of their subjects which will be recorded in their bespoke KS5 learning journals.

KS3 Homework click below for further details :