Parent Learning Hub


Welcome to Aberdeen's Digital Learning Hub for parents and carers. This website is designed to encourage you to build your confidence and knowledge around supporting your child's learning, parenting, and giving additional information to support family wellbeing. 

Please call the Aberdeen City Council support line: 0800 0304 713  for 24/7 help or click here for other contacts.

Please look out for churches & community centres in your area

North Foodbank 01224 518936 or 651000 

CFine  01224 596156 

Somebody Cares 01224 460700  

Financial Inclusion Team 01224 522709

Citizens Advice 01224 569750

SAFE 01224 531366

 There are many supports available 24/7 to help - click on the link above to access the right help for you. 

Ideas, articles and tips to support parents and carers including Coronavirus information

Really useful articles and tips to support your child's wellbeing and learning

Resources for children,  young people and families  

Current information specific to Aberdeen city schools with frequently asked questions for parents.

A range of ideas and suggestions of activities to help parents and carers understand and support learning at home. The activities are aimed at a variety of ages. 

A simple guide to help you find the right places for support and advice.