Lumbar Spine, Hip and Knee - Learning Objectives

1. Understand the organization of the lumbar portion of the vertebral column.

2. Describe the muscles of the gluteal/hip region, and discuss the function of each with particular attention to the role in locomotion. Consider the effect a lesion would have on the nerves and the muscular compartments they serve.

3. Describe the neurovascular supply of the gluteal region.

4. Describe the blood supply to the hip joint and possible clinical concerns associated with this blood supply.

5. Describe the organization of the neurovasculature in the popliteal fossa.

6. Describe the knee joint, including associated ligaments and tendons that assist in supporting the joint. Understand the typical organization of bursae in this region.

7. Prepare for lab by reading through the condensed, step-by-step dissection summary found here.