Superior Mediastinum and Root of Neck LO 7

7. Identify the contents of the superior mediastinum.

The major contents of the superior mediastinum include the:

Arch of the aorta

  • Brachiocephalic trunk, right subclavian a., & right common carotid a.
  • Left common carotid a.
  • Left subclavian a.

Pulmonary trunk

  • Pulmonary veins

Superior vena cava & tributaries

  • Right & left brachiocephalic vv.
    • Right & left subclavian vv.
    • Right & left internal jugular vv.

Lymphatic ducts (e.g. thoracic duct) as they drain into the vicinities of the venous angles (junctions of the internal jugular and subclavian vv.).

Vagus nn. (CN X)

Phrenic nn. (from the cervical plexus)

Trachea, to the division of the primary bronchi


Ligamentum arteriosum (remnant to the ductus arteriosus)