Website Tips

Helpful tips for each page of your website:

  • Do you have a hook?
  • Do you have a picture or a video?
  • Do you have the purpose/thesis for the site?
  • Do you provide the necessary basic information to understand this site?

Define the Problem:

  • Do you define the key words?
  • Is it clear what the problem is?

Explain the Situation:

  • Do you explain what school we are trying to fix this problem?
  • Do you explain what Project Citizen is?
  • Do you provide how students feel about the problem at Elm Place? (Think edmodo poll)

People Involved:

  • Did you include the following people with their names, a picture, and a description of their roles?
    • Dr. Hill (Guest speaker)
    • Mr. Hull
    • Mr. Schroeder (Principal in charge of policies at Elm Place)
    • Ms. Kadlec (Asst. Principal in charge of discipline at Elm Place)
    • Superintendent David Behlow (In charge of polices for NSSD112)
    • Elm Place Students
    • Elm Place teachers
    • Parents

Links to Resources:

  • Did you provide the title to each link?
  • Did you provide a description of each link?
  • Did you provide the link to each link?
  • Did you use the To Do List to find all the possible links to bullying sites?


  • Use proper format to cite all sources from the To Do List. You may use easybib or bibme online.

Your PSA Video:

Political Cartoon:

  • Create a message about the problem and draw a political cartoon or create one online
  • Mr. Hull will help scan the image onto the computer and post online if you need help.

List of possible solutions:

  • Did you include all of these solutions:
    • Handout for incoming Elm Place Students
    • Letters to elected officials
    • Create classroom activities for teachers to use
  • Did you provide a brief description for each of these possible solutions?

Action Plans:

  • Do you realize these are the most important pages?
  • Each action plan should be its own page.
  • Be sure to choose 4-5 solutions minimum and answer the following questions:
    • Class Policy and Action Plan Template
      • Title:  Include the title for your solution
      • Summary- Include a summary of the solution idea
      • Proposal- Describe what will happen in this policy
      • Steps- List the steps Elm Place needs to implement to achieve the goal
      • Feasibility:  Analyze the funding, difficulty, and effectiveness of each solution.
      • Constitutional? Answer if our class policy is violating any rights or laws
      • Assessment: What will the final outcome look like at Elm Place? How will we know we accomplished our goal?
      • ***We want to move forward with plans to accomplish the policies we believe will be helpful
  • Do you have pictures for each of your action plans of what your solution would look like?
  • Could someone follow your action plan and have the solution become a reality?

Videos Found Online:

  • Did you include the video title and a brief description of each video you found?
  • Do you know how to embed the video onto your webpage? If not ask Mr. Hull.

Contributions Page:

  • Each individual should write their own contributions - each individual explain what they contributed to the website.


  • Did you proofread your website?
  • Did you spell check?
  • Did you check to make sure you use proper grammar?


  • Does your site look nice?
  • Does your site have good pictures?
  • Does your site look professional?


  • Did you guys work to be creative and create a unique site that is different and valuable?