Exploring Maps

Why are we doing this lesson online?
We are going to look at how maps work and why they are important -

It is important that you follow the directions - but you will make choices of what activities you want to do for each category - as we have discussed this year it is up to you to push yourself to understand the material and stay focused - remember work to the best of your ability and if you have questions ask -

Directions -
  • For each category listed below (there are a total of 6) select at least 1 activity from the list
  • Activities are listed by letter (for example A or B)
  • You must complete 1 activity for Categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6
  • After you complete the activity you move to the next category
  • After finishing 1 activity from the first 6 categories you may go back to complete other options or move onto Category 7
  • If you do not finish through Category 6 it is homework
  • If you have any questions please raise your hand and I can help
*Secret codes are hidden in some of the links - write these codes down and save them - if you find them all you may have an advantage during a future assignment -

Category 1 - Reading a map for information

Option A. Use Mapping Worlds
Use the map below to answer the questions on this link 

Option B. Use Earth Pulse
Use the Map below to answer the questions

Student Activity: Using the Population Density Map below answer the questions on this link-

Category 2 - Exploring a place

Option A.  (Computers Only) Use Arounder - http://www.arounder.com/
About Arounder = AROUNDER gives travelers a vivid sense of what a city has to offer: historical cathedrals and works of art, museums featuring famous artists, local cafes and stores, breathtaking mountain-top views, quiet parks and gardens. Each issue contains a series of interesting panoramas giving you a full immersive view of the cities. Navigation is easy with Google maps of the city and surrounding area. Every issue also links to local merchants with virtual tours of hotels, restaurants, spas and stores.

Student Activity: Explore a location and answer the questions from this link - after you explore a location for fun look into a location that appears to be interesting - have fun and explore a new place with no questions to answer!

Option B. Use Country Profiles - http://www.fsmitha.com/world/countries.htm
Click on Nations of Latin America to 2005

Student Activity: Explore a country from Latin America and answer the questions from this link -

Option C. Use the app Fotopedia National Parks

Explore a national park - on your blog or Google Drive comment on your prediction for what the population density, vegetation, and climate of this region would be.

Category 3 - Understanding the importance of maps

Option A. Watch the video - Approx. 5 minutes

YouTube Video

Student Activity for Category 3- After watching the video complete the questions on this link -

Option B. Watch the video - Approx. 20 minute

YouTube Video

Student Activity for Category 3- After watching the video complete the questions on this link 

Category 4 - Playing with maps -

Option A. Check out a few of the iPad App games for Geography
  • Stack the Countries 
  • Stack the States 
  • Pass the Past
  • Flags Quiz Game
  • Geo Quiz
Rate the game you play on this link

Option E. Computer Game Only Play - donate water by knowing cities from around the world - if you want take a picture of your high score to see how you compare

High Scores:
Mr. Hull = 539 - only took me 9 more tries! First score 301
Mr. Helfers = 515

Top Student Scores:
JS (11-12) = 1091
RA (10-11) = 527
GB (10-11) = 427
JS (11-12) = 324
LM (10-11) = 313
JC (10-11) = 340

Student Activity for Category 4 - Review a game you played on this link -

Category 5 - Understanding maps as a story teller

Option A. Open the App Stats of the Union
Explore the App
On the bottom left corner click "Demographics" to see the possible maps you can explore
Click on "American Indian" 
Answer the questions on this link

Option B. Use the App History of Maps
Click on "Map List" in the top right hand corner - find a few maps that seem interesting to you

On your Google Drive or Blog please describe how these maps can tell a story about our past and today.

Mandatory Category 6


Final Mandatory Student Activity: After finishing your work on the categories you fill out the survey evaluating this lesson and Mr. Hull's class thus far through the year -

At this point you may continue onto Category 7 or you may go back and complete options you skipped - remember to be productive and push yourself to understand all the information you experience on this exploration- but you decide the direction you go from this website -

Optional Category 7 - Creating a map

Option A. Using Draw for iPad - create a map that you show me.

Option B. Use the white board and take a photograph and show me.

Surprise you found the word: purple or "purple" in a different part of the page