Current Homework:

Current Event Paper Due Dates
1st CE Due Date (Quarter 1)09.19.2017
Revision Quarter 1 Last Day10.20.2017
2nd CE Due Date (Quarter 2)11.14.2017
Revision Quarter 2 Last Day01.12.2018
3rd CE Due Date (Quarter 1)02.13.2018
Revision Quarter 1 Last Day03.16.2018
4th CE Due Date (Quarter 2)04.24.2018
Revision Quarter 2 Last Day05.29.2018

*Struggling with bibliographic citation check out this helpful link

Breaking down the Current Event Assignment {These are only suggestions}:
  1. Find an article (15-30 mins to search, find, and skim the article)
  2. Re-read the article (5-20 mins)
  3. Complete the Article Information Section (10-30mins)
  4. Complete the Geographic Information Section (5-15mins)
  5. Complete the Informational Writing and the Basic Questions (30-60mins)
  6. Re-read and revise your paper before turning in for a grade
Optional: Revise your paper

***Revision Process***:

Email the following message to chull@nssd112.org:

Dear Mr. Hull,

I have revised the (name of the assessment {Current Event #}).

Here is the link (provide the url).

Thank you, Your Name 

*Please note revisions are only possible for the same quarter as the assessment was originally assigned.

Helpful Links:

Where can you find articles for your Current Event assignment?

What are the plague words for social studies? See here.

Need help getting started with your Current Event? 
Try this Google Doc - just open the document then go to File - "Make a copy" and rename it "Your Name - Current Event #"

Current Event Sentence Starter

***Starting with your 2nd current event paper - every time you use a Daily Problem vocabulary word (each word must be bold, underlined, and italicized in your paper) you will earn Recognition Points.


If you have questions please contact me.

Fun Random Independent Learning Opportunities

Try out this vocabulary game - it is fun and helps you think: http://www.knoword.org/index.php

If you want to type faster try out this site: http://www.keybr.com/

Want to learn how to read faster? Try out this site: http://www.eyercize.com/practice/paste_read

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