Current Homework:

1. All revisions (Current Event Papers, Constitution Paper, and Test Make Ups) due 03.23

How to complete Constitution Test Make Ups:

If you scored less than 73 points / 105 points:

  • You need to schedule a time to retake the test during lunch or before school

Optional: If you scored above 73 points / 105 points:

  • You need to correct every question missed by answering the following questions in a Google Doc

    • What was the question? What answer did select? Why did you select that answer? What is the correct answer? Where did you find the correct answer? Why did you struggle on the question?

  • At the end of your document you need to explain how you studied for the test? How successful was your study method? What will you learn from this test and study process?

  • After completing the document - you must schedule a time for a one on one meeting to review your document

2. 1800-1860s Project due 03.19

3. Quarter 4: Current Event #7 and #8 due dates below

Groups remain the same for the entire school year.

Quarter 1 and 2 Due Dates
Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
1st CE Due Date09.0909.1609.2309.30
2nd CE Due Date10.0710.0710.1410.14
3rd CE Due Date10.2811.05 or 11.0611.12 or 11.1311.18
4th CE Due Date12.0212.0912.1601.06

Quarter 3 and 4 Due Dates
Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
5th CE Due Date01.20.1501.27.1502.03.1502.10.15
6th CE Due Date02.17.1502.24.1503.03.1503.03.15
7th CE Due Date04.08 or 04.0904.14.1504.21.1504.28.15
8th CE Due Date05.05.1505.12.1505.19.1505.19.15

Where can you find articles for your Current Event assignment?

***Students may revise their current events throughout the quarter. Students may revise their papers as many times as they desire. Students must staple their revised paper to their original graded draft and rubric. Students must have the original grading rubric stapled to their revision.***

Need help getting started with your Current Event? Try this Google Doc - just open the document then go to File - "Make a copy" and rename it "Your Name - Current Event #"

Current Event Sentence Starter

***Starting with your 2nd current event paper - every time you use a Daily Problem vocabulary word (each word must be bold, underlined, and italicized in your paper) you will earn Recognition Points.


Test Makeup Instructions:

  • Must type and print corrections. Students must provide their original answer, the correct answer, and an explanation for why they missed the question.


If you have questions please contact me.

Learning Opportunities

Try out this vocabulary game - it is fun and helps you think: http://www.knoword.org/index.php

If you want to type faster try out this site: http://www.keybr.com/

Want to learn how to read faster? Try out this site: http://www.eyercize.com/practice/paste_read

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