Project Citizen Final Projects

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Final Sites for 2014

Guidelines for Final Project 2014

Group Project (200 points) Due 03.17

As a group you are required to create a website that demonstrates you have learned all the information researched, solutions you have brainstormed, and actions you plan on putting into place throughout Project Citizen.  

There are many necessary parts that you must include in your project.  It is important that you make sure to follow these guidelines, demonstrate your knowledge about school safety, and express your thoughts about what our school can do in order to improve our school safety.  

Remember: use proper grammar, make your website purrrty and be creative!

You are creating a WEBSITE to improve our school safety - we will be using the iPads primarily and then posting our work to a website. Our iPads serve as our tool to gather and create the necessary information. You will prepare and gather your information in class on iPads from Monday 02.10 till Thursday 02.13.

In class you will have Tuesday Feb 18th through Friday Feb 28th in the downstairs lab to post your work to the website. The due date is much later meaning this project may have to be completed at home.

We will be using Google Sites so these websites can be worked on at home.

Checklist for your website

Your website must include the following information below:

Step 1:Create a Home Page
A home page is a creative and inspirational hook, a creative title, and your thesis/purpose statement of your website. 
  • Create a catchy and unique title for your website - create the title BEFORE creating the website.
Step 2: Create all the pages you will need for the site

The pages you will need to create are below
  1. Home Page
  2. Define the School Safety
  3. Explain the Situation
  4. The People Involved
  5. Links to educational sites
  6. List of Possible Solutions
  7. Bibliography Page (sources used) 
  8. Your Video PSA
  9. Political Cartoon
  10. Page for each Action Plan (need a minimum of 3 Action Plans)
  11. Contributions Page 
  12. Optional Pages
Step 3: Provide all the necessary information you will need for each page
Each person in the group should be working on a page of the site. Only one person is able to work on a Google Site page at a time - if you are asked to "break the lock" of a classmate this could cause you to lose work. Be careful and make sure that the person is finished working on their page and has saved their work before continuing.

  • "Define School Safety" Page
    • create a heading and mini paragraph explaining what is school safety
    • include pictures
  • "Explain the Situation" Page
    • see your paper you have nearly all this information already; separate this information into sections with clear headings for each section)
      • What is Elm Place? 
      • What is sport safety (concussions)? 
      • What is fire safety? 
      • What is tornado safety? 
      • What is science safety? 
      • What is emotional and social safety (bullying)? 
      • What is building safety (lockdown drills)? 
      • What is internet/iPad safety at Elm Place?
  • "The People Involved" Page
    • Using Haiku Deck on your iPad create a slideshow for each person/group involved. Each slide should include the name and identify the role of each important individual involved with Project Citizen.  Be sure you explain each person’s role. 
    • (Do not forget about the guest speaker - he will be visiting our class 02.14) {students, teachers, principal, assistant principal, superintendent, school board}
    • Embed your Haiku Deck on the "People Involved" page
  • "Links to Resources" Page
    • Under this section be sure to include the site titles and brief summaries of what information you will find at each site. These will be sites that are helpful for others to visit - your website is serving as a one stop shop for anyone interested in Elm Place school safety.
  • "List of Possible Solutions"
    • A list of solutions that you did not pursue an Action Plan for - this is simply a list with one sentence explanation. (This is Task C)
  • Bibliography Page (sources used) 
    • This page will provide bibliographic citations for the entire project. (This can be copied from each individuals paper)
  • Your PSA Video
    • First you must create and write a script. The script must be approved by Mr. Hull before you begin to film.
    • This video should be posted on your website.
  • "Political Cartoon" Page
    • You will create at least one political cartoon for your webpage.
    • This cartoon must be pictured on your website
      • You may use photo shop or draw the photo and take a picture of the drawing for the website
  • Action Plans
    • Every action plan completed must be included (see template below) these are the solutions we will present to the panel of judges. Each action plan should be completed on its own page.
    • Be sure to complete a minimum of 3 Action Plans (I recommend at least one Action Plan per person in a group)

    • Class Policy and Action Plan Template
      • Title:  Title for your solution
      • Summary of the proposal- Include a summary of the solution idea and describe what will happen in this policy
      • Steps- List the steps Elm Place needs to implement to achieve the goal
      • Feasibility:  Analyze the funding, difficulty, and effectiveness of each solution.
      • Constitutional? Answer yes or no - if our class policy is violating any rights or laws
      • Assessment: What will the final outcome look like at Elm Place? How will we know we accomplished our goal?
  • Contributions Page
    • end credits of your project where each group member lists their contributions to the entire website (complete in your Google Doc) this should be completed after all is complete.

  • Additional Pages (Optional)
    • You can be create optional additional pages based on your own creativity: a dictionary, a page full of infographics, a page full of political cartoons found online, etc.
For all your pages you should consider providing visuals - you may include pictures or videos to make the website more appealing. In addition, on a website you want to have short concise paragraphs. Please proofread your site carefully.

Remember you MUST edit your site and double check that you use proper grammar. (Use correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and NO CONTRACTIONS)
Grading Rubric 200 pts
Proper Grammar: _____ / 10 pts
Necessary Webpages: _____ / 10 pts 
  • Home Page
  • Define the Problem
  • Explain the situation
  • The people involved
  • Links to educational sites
  • A bibliography page (sources used) 
  • Your Video PSA
  • Political Cartoon
  • Videos Found Online
  • Contributions Page
  • Page for each Action Plan (need a minimum of 3 Action Plans)
Video Quality: ______ / 15 pts
Information Quality: ______ / 50 pts 
Quality of Action Plans: _______ / 50 pts 
Website Quality: _______ / 20 pts 
Creativity: ______ / 20 pts 
Individual Credits: ________ / 25 pts