While many will skip straight to the names of the players who made the team, I decided to write a personal note along with my team roster information.  I hope eventually you will take time to read it.

We are all shaped by our past experiences. My athletic career was dramatically shaped when as a freshman at New Trier High School I was cut from the basketball team. Twenty-four players were chosen ahead of me while I was cut. I know personally how cuts impact players and it is the worst part of trying out for competitive sports. After I was cut that year, though, I dedicated myself to a higher degree of training because I wanted to prove to myself and my coaches that cutting me from the team was a mistake and that I truly belonged. Thankfully, I was provided a list of drills and skills for me to focus on in order to improve my game. I was fortunate enough try out for coaches who took the time to provide me such feedback.  As a result, I committed myself to working out seven days a week so that I could try to make the sophomore team the following year.  And I did. Further, I continued to improve and I made the varsity team the following year and then went on to play in college. To this day I can name the 24 players who were chosen ahead of me and the coach who cut me my freshman year. I used those disappointments, though, to motivate myself towards improvement.
I understand that the players who have been cut will be frustrated, saddened, and upset - and they most likely will be upset with me. And it is perfectly acceptable for them to be.  After all, the evaluations are mine and the decisions of who to cut are mine. I want you to know, though, that I dedicated my time to evaluate every player to the best of my ability.

In conclusion, I hope that this tryout encourages every player who was cut to one day prove me wrong. I hope every player chooses to put in the time and effort to try to play in high school by continuing to work on developing their skills, conditioning, and their overall basketball game.  I also want to encourage all parents and players to know that I would encourage any player to set up a meeting with me to discuss my evaluation of their tryout. I am even willing to do a written evaluation for each player (for every player trying out I create a scouting report).  Attached to the evaluation I am also willing to include and explain a list of drills that would be useful in improving each identified skill. 

Thank you for a taking a risk by trying out for the Elm Place basketball team.  It was great to see all of the players compete, work hard, and show great sportsmanship.  Best wishes.

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