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    2015.2016 Student Questions

    1. How many square miles is Lake Michigan? 22,394 mi²
    2. Do you miss your advisory with Maddie and Jasmine? YES!
    3. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would? As much as he wanted.
    4. Can you flex your eyebrows? There are muscles around your eyebrows that can be strengthened - tightened.
    5. How do we learn to swallow? In our development as a fetus we learn to swallow. But sometimes stroke or cancer patients need to relearn - here is a link on how.

    2014.2015 Student Questions

    1. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Look at question #29 from 2008-2009.
    2. If there are 12 men on a deserted island, 11 weigh the same, 1 weighs less or more, there are no scales on the island, there is only one see-saw, you can only use the see saw 3 times, who weighs less/more? Captain Holt solves the riddle (Brooklyn 99)
    3. How many rooms are in Elm Place?
    4. What are your favorite pair of shoes? The original Penny Hardaway's. 
    5. Nike or Adidas? No question - Nike.
    6. McDonalds or Burger King? Neither, I have not had fast food in a long long time.
    7. Do you have an XBox? Yes.
    8. What is your favorite XBox game? Madden.
    9. Wil. Bryant McIntosh ever go to the NCAA Tournament in his career at Northwestern? Yes. 
    10. Iron man, Spiderman, the Wolverine or Superman which one? Wolverine.

    2013.2014 Student Questions

    1. What chemical weapon was used in Syria (2013)? The US claims they have firm evidence that sarin gas was used in Syria chemical weapons attack. To read more check out this article. (Updated Sept 3, 2013) - To read more about sarin gas check out this Wikipedia source for some basic information.
    2. What is the origin of the forest fire in Yosemite? The fire's origin location has been identified as the Jawbone Ridge in Tuolumne County; the reason is still be investigated. But one possible cause is a marijuana grow operation. To read more check out this article. (Updated Sept 3, 2013)
    3. What is the origin of basketball? This site provides a nice history of basketball - check it out.
    4. Why is basketball your favorite sport? I have always enjoyed the game of basketball. My parents are huge basketball fans. They brought me to Northwestern games starting at a very young age. In addition my first birthday cake had a basketball. I like the sport now because I am not a bad player so it is fun to play and allows me to be competitive. 
    5. What did the fox say? Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!
    6. How was Christmas created? Christians adopted the Pagan holiday Saturnalia - in hopes of converting their large population. The final day of Saturnalia become known as "Jesus'" birthday: December 25th. 
    7. Why is Canada so nice and friendly? This generalization would be a cultural assumption. Cultures promote certain outlooks/perspectives.
    8. How did Asia get the Bigger Continent? Continents were formed and have shifted based upon plate tectonics. These geological movements can be further studied.
    9. Is god a made up person we believe is real or has anyone ever have claimed to see him in their "dreams" or real life? Various religions assert various beliefs concerning 'god' - each individual must discover and realize their understanding.
    10. Who do you like better? LeBron James or Michel Jordan and why? Lebron James is the most physical gifted basketball player I have ever witnessed. Michael Jordan is the most dominant scorer and competitor I have ever witnessed.
    11. What or who inspired you to become a teacher? This is a difficult question - I had several amazing teachers throughout my educational experience. When I was in college the realization that learning - and the skills required to learn - are so essential inspired me to become a teacher in the hopes of helping students have a more enjoyable middle school experience - while learning how to read, write, and think critical and independently. I hope students are impacted positively by being in my class. And I hope they remember me as a a good helpful teacher.
    12. Which Basketball team do you like the best? My favorite NBA team is the Chicago Bulls.
    13. Why did the Government shut down? Congress was unable to agree upon a federal budget.
    14. Which country do you think is better at soccer? My favorite part of soccer is that the World Cup settles who is the best country at soccer every four years.
    15. How was the Universe created? This question is hotly debated with no definite answer. Several hypothesis exist. One hypothesis is explained here.
    16. What is your favorite book? I enjoyed the entire Harry Potter series. 
    17. What is your favorite food? This is a very difficult question - I enjoy so many types of food. I truly enjoy pasta - it is something I could eat every day. But I also love pizza. If I had to pick one: pizza.
    18. Why does the Earth spin? An explanation is provided here.
    19. Who invented the first "Snapple" product? Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenberg in 1972 in New York (you can read more here)
    20. Coffee or Tea? Neither. I prefer water. I do not enjoy hot drinks - and I do not drink tea or coffee.  
    21. What keeps you going? This is an open ended question - as some would argue nothing continues forever.
    22. Apples or Oranges? I prefer to eat apples. But I enjoy orange pineapple juice.
    23. Why is the sun hot and bright? This article provides an explanation.
    24. Why is Eminem so influential with his songs? His popularity soared due to his creative lyrics. With a large following his music became more influential.
    25. What type of music do you like? Rap? Salsa? I like all music with good lyrics. 
    26. Who killed 2Pac? No one was ever arrested for his murder however many people claim the final shots were fired by Crips gang member Orlando Anderson.
    27. Do you like the game Pac-Man? Yes.
    28. What is your favorite game ever? Chess or Monopoly.
    29. Why do other countries have more school time than the U.S.? Other countries believe more time (hours and number of days) should be devoted to education. Many argue 10,000 hours are required before mastery. To learn how to read, write, and think critically and independently takes a lot of time and effort. 
    30. What type of car would you like to have? I just want a car that is affordable and dependable. 
    31. What is your luck number? 9.
    32. How many pairs of shoes do you own? 2 purple basketball shoes, 2 purple cross trainer shoes, 1 pair of soccer cleats, two black dress shoes, two brown dress shoes; total of 9.
    33. If you were prime minister/ruler of the world what laws would you make? I would simplify the laws to make them easier to understand and have less loopholes. 
    34. If you were a super hero what powers would you have? Ability to read minds.
    35. If money doesn't grow on trees then why do banks have branches?
    36. Why does the Easter bunny carry eggs? Rabbits don't lay eggs. According to some the rabbit is based on the pet hare of the goddess eostre, which did lay an egg every spring
    37. Something or someone you miss the most from childhood? Playing pick up sports on the block with the neighborhood kids.
    38. Are you happy with your life for the most part right now? Very much so. I am very happy.
    39. Are you usually late, early or right on time? Early.
    40. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Prague. Would love to backpack Europe. Or travel cross country to see the Cubs play in every stadium.
    41. Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend? I strive to be.
    42. What is your middle name? Gailen.
    43. If you could do anything OR wish for anything that would come true, what would you wish? Health and happiness for everyone.
    44. Are you old fashioned? I do not believe so.
    45. Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying? Yes.
    46. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on? Playing sports (especially basketball).
    47. What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back? To say I do.
    48. What do you do when you see an endangered animal that is eating an endangered plant? I would not be able to identify either - so I would not realize the situation even occurred.
    49. Your best friend dies, what would you do? At first I would be in denial. I would not want to accept the reality.
    50. If ghosts can walk through walls and glide down stairs, why don't they fall through the floor? They can levitate and float on the air.
    51. Do they bury people with their braces on? Typically not but it is the choice of those closest to them.
    52. How far east can you go before you're heading west? If you are going east you never are going west.
    53. If a kid refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest? Yes.
    54. Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves? They go to other dentists.
    55. Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs? They have tried to in the past - see here - but they no longer do.
    56. At a movie theater which arm rest is yours? The one between my wife and I.
    57. If you dug a hole through the center of the earth and jumped in, would you stay at the center because of gravity? This article provides a possible explanation.
    58. If pro and con are opposites, wouldn't the opposite of progress be congress? Congress - is capitalized and that is not a direct correlation.
    59. You are on a flight from Honolulu to Chicago non-stop. There is a fire in the back of the plane. You get enough time to make ONE phone call. Who would you call? My wife.
    60. How many lockers are in the entire school?
    61. When is Kate Fishbein's birthday? November 10th.
    62. When is Emma Schwartz's birthday? December 21st.
    63. One Tree Hill or Friday Night Lights? My preference is for Friday Night Lights.
    64. DWald or JFill? Maybe a tie...
    65. What do dragons eat? No dragons are currently alive however anecdotal evidence suggests they would eat both plants and animals.
    66. Who do you like better Molly or Phoebe? This is an easy one. Totally one sided
    67. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Look at question #29 from 2008-2009.
    68. Stbena or Delena? I would have no idea who these possible people are - so based purple on spelling St. Bena sounds like a holy person who would win.
    69. How many pets do you own? Zero
    70. Do you like scary movies? Yes
    71. Have gone to see "Bad Grandpa" yet? Or "Ted"; No to "Bad Grandpa"; yes to "Ted"
    72. Would you like to be in the Hunger Games? Why or why not. No I do not want to die.
    73. If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create? Purple dragon
    74. The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad? Which would you prefer to watch? Breaking Bad
    75. Who is your favorite actor or actress? Natalie Portman
    76. What would be your dream sandwich? 
    77. In O's and X's which do you normally pick? X's
    78. Have you ever bought anything from ebay? Yes.
    79. Have you ever been on a pogo stick? Yes
    80. Do you sing in the shower? No.
    81. Sunrise or sunsets? Sunsets.
    82. If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be? My work ethic in basketball.
    83. Have you ever played a practical joke on someone? If you have, what was it? Yes - see Muffinman story.
    84. Are you good at pool? Not really.
    85. Are you religious ? This is a difficult question - too long to answer.
    86. Have you ever gone bungee jumping before? No
    87. Can you solve a rubix cube? No.
    88. What is the longest you have ever grown your hair? Probably 9-10inches long.
    89. What was the last film you saw? Prisoners.
    90. Have you ever fired a gun? Yes. 
    91. Whats your least favorite word? Slur words - or words of ignorance and discrimination.
    92. Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence? I would want intelligence.
    93. How long could you go without talking? Would depend on the reason for silence - due to my job it would not be very long but during the summer a few days.
    94. Whats your favorite joke? The Muffinman Story.
    95. Can you play poker? Yes I used to play often.
    96. What is your favorite accent? Australian
    97. How old were you when you last went trick or treating? Probably 12.
    98. Are you scared of spiders? No
    99. Do you prefer straight or bendy straws? Bendy
    100. Have you ever entered a talent contest? Yes.
    101. Do you watch Dr. Who? No.
    102. Do you watch Pokemon? No, I have seen a few episodes.
    103. Do you like High School Musical? I found the movie entertaining but not stellar film making.
    104. Have you read the book "The Fault In Our Stars"? No.
    105. Are Bronie or Pegasister? I have no idea.
    106. Do you like 5 seconds of summer? Yes they are good. I like their new music video.
    107. Do you watch Dr. Who? No
    108. Do you watch Supernatural? No.
    109. Do you watch Sherlock? Yes.
    110. Who is your favorite class period? For 2014 either 7th, 1st or 2nd.
    111. Do you like pegasisters? I have no clue what that is.
    112. Do you watch Dance Moms? I have seen more episodes than I care to admit.
    113. Do you watch the Big Bang Theory? Yes.
    114. Do you visit often? No.
    115. Do you know what a fan account is? No. 
    116. Do you know Jasmine's Twitter handle? No.
    117. Is Jasmine amazing at life? Yes.
    118. Is Jasmine fabulous? YAS SHE IS FABULOUS.
    119. Is Prince Royce hot? I do not find Prince Royce hot however he has strong features and a tight body that easily would persuade those interested in that type like Sandy.
    120. If you were the president of the United States, what would be the first thing you would do? The first action would be to thank everyone who helped me be elected.
    121. If you were in the middle of a war and did not know how you got there, what would you do? I would try to figure out how I got there.
    122. What would you do if purple was never a color? Create the color purple.
    123. Do you play Minecraft? No
    124. Does anyone you know play Minecraft? No - only students.
    125. What is your favorite animal? Penguin or panda bear.
    126. Do you have a YouTube account? Yes.
    127. Who is your favorite You Tuber? I like FailBlog
    128. What is your favorite website? Grantland, Twitter, Bleacher Report
    129. Why are you so tall? No idea, possibly genetics.

    2012.2013 Student Questions

    1. What is your 5th favorite color? My favorite color is purple, 2nd black, 3rd green, 4th blue, 5th silver

    2. What is your shoe size? 15

    3. How tall were you in 7th grade? 5 foot 1 inch tall

    4. Did Charlie bite your finger? No

    5. How old are you? 29 as of 09.10.12

    6. When is your birthday? 04.30.83

    7. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate chip cookie dough with oreo crumbs

    8. What is your least favorite country? I have no ill will towards any country.

    9. Where is your favorite place to travel to? Anywhere with my wife. But I love Vermont. I enjoy traveling to the different MLB stadiums to watch the Cubs play too.

    10. I am the coolest person ever? Everyone should believe they are the coolest person ever.

    11. One Direction or Justin Beiber? Totally depends on the criteria in which they are being judged but both have strengths and weaknesses depending on the categories being evaluated.

    12. Are 7th graders allowed to play with 8th graders in the soccer game? No.

    13. Why is One Direction so attractive? Attractiveness is very individual - each individual finds other individuals attractive - One Direction is a group a that appeals to many individuals who listen to their music and are in their age range.

    14. Why do you love the color purple so much? Purple is amazing, beautiful, and legit super cool.

    15. Why is Harry Styles hair so curly? Either genetics or hair products - depending on who you consult.

    16. What is the magic word? Depends on the language and situation - many consider the magic word to be please.

    17. Is 3rd period class best? All classes are the best during their period.

    18. When is the sun going to die? Please consult this website for an accurate answer here.

    19. Are pandas dangerous? Pandas are protective creatures who are territorial. They will defend themselves, their young, and their land.

    20. Why are dinosaurs extinct? There are many theories and hypothesizes but no unchallenged answer. Scientist continue to explore and attempt to answer this question

    21. Is JK your favorite student? All my students are my favorite.

    22. Who is your favorite person in One Direction? They are all tied.

    23. Do you know the muffinman? Yes, my nickname is the muffinman. So I know myself only a little bit.

    24. Who let the dogs out? It depends on whose dog - but every dog owner eventually lets their dog out.

    25. What is your fastest mile? In college I ran a 5:03 mile. Now I would run approximately 6:30.

    26. What is your favorite sport? I enjoy playing basketball the most. But I also enjoy tennis, golf, baseball, football, soccer, and really any sport not in a water.  I enjoy watching baseball and football the most - with basketball a close next.

    27. What sport did you play when you were a child? Basketball, soccer, football, tennis, golf, baseball, rollerblade hockey.

    28. How many tattoos do you have? And their location? 3. Rib cage, shoulder blade, wrist.

    29. Favorite ice cream flavor? Moose tracks with cookie dough.

    30. What is your favorite Chicago team? Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks - then my father is a Sox fan so I would guess them.

    31. Are Danielle and Jennifer your favorite people ever? They are tied with a few others.

    32. How did you and your wife meet? My wife worked at Elm Place as a teaching assistant. She was a teaching assistant in my 7th period class a few years ago. After she took a job at another school we started to date and the rest is history.

    33. Do you know who Prince Bapalapashamalamadingdong is? The Suite Life of Zac and Cody

    34. What is your opinion of Cujo? As a child the dog was a scary creature in a movie. Now he is a memory from my childhood.

    35. Who is on your fantasy team? I have 3 fantasy teams: On Projected Muffinmen: RG3, J. Charles, Sproles, Harvin, Lloyd, Colston, J. Graham - on Public Muffinmen: Ryan, AP, MJD, Julio, Nicks, Spiller, Witten - on Muffinmen: Brady, J. Charles, Hunter, Bowe, Amendola, Graham, Gronk

    36. Gronk or Graham? Graham 100%.

    37. Kim, Kourtney, or Kloe? Kim.

    38. Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus? Miley.

    39. What was your favorite subject in school when you were in 7th grade? Gym was first - then math or social studies - my favorite teacher was my math and English teachers.

    40. Spongebob, Mr. Krabs or Patrick? Easy choice: Patrick.

    41. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Rapunzel.

    42. Favorite movie between Robinsons, Finding Nemo, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs? Finding Nemo.

    43. What is your favorite period to teach? My favorite number is 9.

    44. Hunger Games or Divergent? Divergent

    45. Is student X cool? I believe everyone is cool in their own way.

    46. What is your second favorite color? Black

    47. What is your favorite section to teach in social studies? Perspective and critical thinking.

    48. Why do people call you the Muffinman? Ask me in June.

    49. Would you want a purple ferrari or purple limo? Purple Ferrari

    50. How do you spell orange? Really good Mean Girl joke.

    51. Would you rather a purple parrot or purple wife? My wife is perfect as is.

    52. What is the riskiest thing you have ever done? See Muffinman story in June.

    53. How will the election turn out? I believe it will be close election that will be determined by voter turnout.

    54. Do you want to be president? No. I would prefer to be invisible.

    55. What is your favorite type of dinosaur? I do not know my favorite type of dinosaur - maybe the velociraptor - but my favorite type of penguin is the jackass penguin.

    56. What is your favorite type of cheese? Goat cheese.

    57. What is your favorite month? I enjoy August and October.

    58. What is your favorite video game? NES Tecmo Bowl or Original Mario Bros - current games would include Madden.

    59. In the first episode of Pretty Little Liars why does Ariel order a cheeseburger if she is a vegetarian? She was not a vegetarian until later in the season - she was experimenting with identity at the time of the first episode.

    60. Emily or Danielle? Yes.

    61. What is your favorite number? 9

    62. Sydney or Jennifer? Yes.

    63. Why do you have this question board? To allow the opportunity for students to ask questions - it is important to foster and develop the inquisitive mindset of questions.

    64. What is the meaning of life? To seek an answer that never can be understood to the best of your ability.

    65. What are your favorite names? Carter, Colin, Avery, Olivia, Kelsy, Kaylee to name just a few in no particular order.

    66. Andy Chaet vs Shayna Rudman? In this ultimate test of the titans these two juggernauts would battle til the end and in a cloud of dust both would be knocked down attempting to rise to claim victory - until neither is able to ascend to their feet!

    67. What is your name? Christopher Gailen Hull

    68. Favorite word? My favorite word to write in cursive is minimum.

    69. Favorite fruit? Strawberries yum. Or rasberries yum. Or pineapple yum. Or Honey Crisp apples yum.

    70. Favorite type of plant? Cactus or oak tree

    71. Who wants to be the very best that no one ever was?

    I wanna be the very best 

    Like no-one ever was 

    To catch them is my real test 

    To train them is my cause 

    I will travel across the land 

    Searching far and wide 

    For each Pokemon to understand 

    The power that's inside 

    (Chorus) Pokemon! (Gotta Catch 'em) 

    It's you and me I know it's my destiny Pokemon! 

    Ooh, you're my best friend 

    In a world we must defend Pokemon! (Gotta Catch 'em) 

    Our hearts so true 

    Our courage will pull us through 

    You teach me and I'll teach you Pokemon 

    Gotta catch 'em, gotta catch 'em all! 

    Yeah Gotta catch 'em all! 

    Every challenge along the way 

    With courage I will face I will battle every day 

    To claim my rightful place 

    Come with me, the time is right 

    There's no better team 

    Arm in arm we'll win the fight 

    It's always been our dream

    72. Do you like kumqats? Yes.

    73. Yes or No? Depends.

    74. Spongebob or Patrick? Patrick

    75. Family Guy, American Dad, or Cleveland Show? Family Guy.

    76. Is Steeve cool? Yes. Very.

    77. What is your favorite iPad Game? Scramble.

    78. Why are apartments called apartments if they are stuck together? Some state "Because one renter's living quarters are separate, or apart from, the next renter's living quarters. Apart is not a suffix so that means that if you see it in a word it doesn't mean all the time that the word is apart from "meaning."

    79. What is my phone password (D. Walder)? 9999

    80. How are you salty or sweet? Umm no response.

    81. Do you like Justin Beiber? I respect his fame, wealth, and musical achievements - plus his favorite color mimics mine. 

    82. What is your favorite insect? Butterflies.

    83. What is a rainbow? The display of the colors of the spectrum produced by dispersion of light often caused during light rain.

    84. Do you like your sister? Yes.

    85. Is it normal to like Danielle so much? Nothing is truly normal - be true to yourself.

    86. Why are pounds abbreviated lbs? lb is actually an abbreviation of the Latin word libra, which could mean a pound, itself a shortened form of the full expression, libra pondo, “pound weight” to read more check out this site

    87. Thoughts on Haylor? Haylor refers to the relationship of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift - I am happy about their recent break up and in my humble opinion believe Taylor Swift needs time alone to figure out who she is individually before she embarks on any future relationships.

    88. What do you like about Jennifer? She is in my advisory.

    89. Who is your favorite actress? Natalie Portman

    90. What is your favorite food? This is a difficult question - I like lots of food - I like to try exotic food as well as having several favorite meals. But if I had to choose just one - pizza.

    91. Why do you not laugh? I smirk in amusement.

    92. Do you like to disable student phones? Yes.

    93. What is Victoria Secret? A store that sells ladies undergarments.

    94. What is the R-rated version of Goon? Refers to street level gun runners - or those who service higher level thugs.

    95. Who will win the Super Bowl as of 01.16? The New England Patriots.

    96. Why are you so cool? I am not cool - not even close to being cool.

    97. Why are you so tall? Genes.

    98. Why is 9 your favorite number? There are many reasons it is my favorite number. I have liked the number since I was a child. It usually was my basketball and soccer number in house league.

    99. At what degree does skin become flammable? Over 100 degrees F.

    100. If you fail your PC site is there extra credit? No.

    101. Are you going to have a yes day? No.

    102. Are you going to have a no day? No.

    103. Do I understand math? I do to a point.

    104. How did the Rwandan Genocide end after 100 days? An African coalition and Tutsi rebel force ended the genocide.

    105. Can we have a knife game competition? No.

    106. Hello? Goodbye.

    107. Who was your favorite 8th grade basketball player. Jeremy Allen - is tied with all his teammates.

    108. Are flexible? Not at all. It is sad and pathetic how NOT flexible I am.

    109. Can you do the knife challenge? Very slowly I can.

    110. Tacos or burritos? Tacos.

    111. Will Tyrion ever become king? While the series of books or plot has not been completed I would predict no.

    112. Can you make a fishy face? I can but do not believe I will.

    113. What is the most obscure language? There are dead languages -meaning they no longer are spoken. But the most obscure language still in existence recently inspired this news story about Ayapenco, an indigenous language found in Mexico only has 2 speakers left - and they refuse to speak to each other. Check out the story here.

    114. Do you want to teach our grade of students again (7th grader)? No

    115. What is your favorite animal? To look at: penguin or panda bear.

    116. Are Ari and Katie your favorite students? Or Gillian? No

    117. Do you know the knife game song? No

     2011.2012 Student Questions

    To submit a question either email me at or write the question on the Question Board in class answers will be posted here on the website after proper research

    1. If an alpaca has brown eyes and semi-tan fur does it have a greater chance to complete a standing-backflip-roundoff in the year 3609 if it is still living? If the alpaca is able to survive 1600+ years science will have advanced far enough to ensure it can do any gymnastic routine.

    2. Who is Sherwin Konik? He is apart of the Advertising Specialty Institute in Skokie IL

    3. How many eyes do you have? Two.

    4. If is a pig is 3 cm2 and you have 500 yards elevated 2 ft how many pigs can fit? 30,480 pigs could fit.

    5. What is the largest dog in the world? And how much does it weigh? Hercules is an English Mastiff and has a 38 inch neck and weighs 282 pounds.

    6. What is your favorite cheeseburger? Double cheeseburger with pepperjack cheese, pineapple, BBQ, lettuce, tomato, and avocado.

    7. How many holes does Spongebob have? I counted 40 holes - but he has as many as the artist draws for him.

    8. If purple was not a color what would your favorite color be? Blue

    9. How many freckles do you have? 999

    10. If barbie is so popular... Why do you have to buy her friends? Because her friends fear Barbie's confidence and demeanor.

    11. In the book of life are the answers in the back? The book of life is like a choose your own adventure book - each individual's life is shaped by their decisions.

    12. Is hokey pokey really what it's all about? Unfortunately that is dependent upon the choices each individual makes - finding happiness is not a bad path.

    13. Why are apartments called apartments when they are all together? Origin of the word apartment

    14. Do you like plums? Yes.

    15. What is your favorite state? Illinois, Hawaii, or Vermont

    16. What is your favorite song? Then.

    17. What was the first daily problem question ever for you Mr. Hull? Copy definition of genocide: the systematic and deliberate extermination of a national, racial, or cultural group What do you know about Darfur?

    18. Who asked the first question board question ever in Mr. Hull's room? Lauren Stoliar

    19. What were the first words you spoke at Elm Place? "Yes, I am tall."

    20. What does water taste like? A cool refreshing beverage.

    21. Why do you think you are heavy? I weigh 240 lbs.

    22. Why are you nice? I am not.

    23. Would you ever dye your hair purple? I have.

    24. Do you like Justin Bieber? Yes.

    25. Is Jasmine really awesome? Yes.

    26. Why is Steph awesome? She is funny, friendly and intelligent.

    27. Where is Mr. Hull? Here

    28. Do you know who Emily is? I know some Emily's but not all Emily's.

    29. Who is your favorite athlete? I enjoy following several athletes. My favorite Bull = DRose. Favorite Bear = Jay Cutler. Favorite Blackhawk = Kane. Favorite Cub = Castro. Favorite NFL Player = Brees and Brady. NBA Player = Durant.

    30. Why are pigs pink?

    31. Is social studies your favorite subject? I enjoy critical thinking and solving problems - but in terms of academic subjects yes.

    32. What was your most memorable sports memory from TV? Michael Jordan 6 Championships.

    33. Why do superheroes wear their underwear on the outside? Superheroes have the powers beyond the normal - they are simply super. This dichotomy is illustrated often visually by the suspension of belief and the inverse of what is expected: underwear underneath clothing becomes underwear on top of clothing.

    34. Is a gold fork considered silverware? Yes, silverware refers to the utensils used to eat.

    35. Is student A obsessed with student B? At times there is obsession amongst us all.

    36. Is student A cool? All students are cool.

    37. Is student A cooler than student B? No student is cooler than another to all others.

    38. What happened to the big bad wolf? As with all living creatures a time comes when they no longer are alive with us.

    39. What would you do for a Klondike bar? Nothing I do not like Klondike bars.

    40. Have you ever found diamonds in Minecraft? No

    41. Have you ever nyaned? No.

    42. How much woodchuck can a woodchuck? As much as he wanted to.

    43. Violence is not the question it is instead the answer - what is the question? No question has only one answer - instead violence is the answer to several different questions.

    44. Chuck Norris vs Rezzy? Norris.

    45. Is Rezzy your favorite student? No.

    46. What is the best Jeremy Lin pun? Linsanity

    47. What is the best Rezzy pun you have heard? Rezzy-who?

    48. Can you teach me how to Rezzy? Impossible to learn you are born with it.

    49. Can you teach me how to Dougie? 6'7'' people cannot dance.

    50. What is the best Rezzy moment? Say what? It has not happened yet because it will only get better.

    51. What is greater Rezzy mania or Linsanity? Linsanity.

    52. What is beater Tebow mania or Linsanity? Linsanity.

    53. When was the name Rezzy created? Depends on which Rezzy.

    54. How is salami kosher? Salami can be kosher - kosher is a type of food preparation.

    55. How many nicknames does Rezzy have? As many as you can create.

    56. Is this marker Rezzy? The marker is red not Rezzy.

    57. Why does Elm Place use letter days instead of number days? Letter days are easier than numbers because of the dates use of numbers and the use of numbers for the periods.

    58. Who would win a rap battle between Tebow and Jeremy Lin? Tebow.

    59. Shoots or ladders who wins Rezzy or Tebow? Tebow.

    60. How long does it take to defeat the dragon at the end of Minecraft? Depends on the skill level of the player - those with high level skill can defeat the dragon quickly, whereas, a novis or nube is going to take a long long time - maybe even never defeating this dragon.

    61. What is the origins of AIDS? Researching

    62. What is the highest number? See previous years answer.

    63. If artist brag about being criminals why do they care about people stealing their music? These artist seek to gain wealth - through crime or through lyrics and song therefore they are upset by anything that takes away from their money making opportunities. 

    64. What theme song begins "I wanna be the very best, they no one ever was?" Pokemon.

    65. Training children to fight is legal or illegal? This depends on the country.

    66. What sandwich has a lot of puns ? The knuckle sandwich

    67. What is gum made of? The site has more information

    68. Do you edit papers for fun? Totally - no!

    69. Are you a robot that makes waffles? No. I do make waffles though.

    70. What is Rezzy's middle name? Morris.

    71. How does the international date line work? Basic information here. A video explanation is here.

    72. Who would win in a staring contest Mr. Hull or the sun? Stupidity would win.

    73. Why are flies called 'flies' if other animals can fly?

    74. Have you seen this question before? Depends on the question and what I have seen

    75. In Britain, do door knobs turn the other way? No.

    76. Are you a chef robot? No I am not a chef.

    77. Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist but a person who drives a race car not a racist?

    78. Could you tie yourself to the South Pole and live for a week? If you built a house around the pole first.

    79. What are 10 of your favorite movies?

    In no particular order:

    • V for Vendetta
    • Braveheart
    • Steven Seagal Collection
    • Dogma
    • Dark Knight
    • Batman Begins
    • Shawshank Redemption
    • Stranger than Fiction
    • Newsies
    • Princess Bride

    80. Why are goods that travel by boat called 'cargo' and goods that travel by car called 'shipments'?

    81. Why do they not sell hot dogs at McDonalds? The making of hot dogs is not easy with their current equipment. Therefore, the additional space required for the production of these was not spatially efficient. Several locations have experimented with the production of hot dogs but it has never made the national menu. Several franchises do currently sell hot dogs. Ray Crock opposed the inclusion of hot dogs.

    82. How does killing create a utopia? It eliminates any individual opposition to the ideas being advanced by the political system.

    83. How many bricks are in the room? Answered in a previous year.

    84. Are you Jack Black? My name is not Jack - nor am I black.

    2010.2011 Student Questions


    To submit a question either email me at or write the question on the Question Board in class answers will be posted here on the website after proper research

    1. Where is Tupac? Afeni Shakur states that she buried Tupac's ashes on her farm in Lumberton, North Carolina

    2. Where is your purple car? The car is currently missing - I do not know where it is

    3. How do the body scanners in the airport work?

    4. What is the Jewish population in Highland Park IL?

    5. Did you ever dunk over someone in college? Several

    6. Who is the muffinman? Now, after several years I may admit it is me

    7. Have you heard of Gilly on SNL? Now I have and have seen several of the clips

    8. Can you see Russia from the northwestern part of Alaska? No not without a telescope

    9. What do tigers dream of when they take a tiger snooze? Mauling zebras

    10. What would happen if there was no gravity? The earth would not be able to orbit around the sun - nor would any planets hold orbit - therefore we would no longer exist to answer this question

    11. Why is the world round? Planets need to be round to enable them to orbit stars -

    12. What is the funniest joke Mr. Hull has told? Mr. Hull does not have any funny jokes - therefore, his best joke is a bad joke

    13. What is the funniest video Mr. Hull has shown? I will play the video before the end of the year -

    14. Why is there a New Jersey when there has never been a Old Jersey?

    15. If there were no planets where would you live? No where - we would not exist without planets

    16. How do bears hibernate for the entire winter? They store fat and use that as they sleep

    19. Why is your favorite color purple? My father brought me to Northwestern Wildcat games when I was a young child. I liked purple. I received sick kicks in the color of purple. I liked purple. I liked being different and in high school purple was cool to like in my mind. I like grading in purple. I like purple

    20. When are you getting married? The date is July 9th 2011

    21. What are you being for Halloween at school? Outside of school? At school Cook - outside of school unknown

    22. How big is the universe in inches? The answer cannot be determined

    23. Is Chipotle still owned by McDonalds? McDonalds no longer owns Chipotle

    24. Before this terrible this loss versus the Redskins what was their historical record? The historical record is 24-24-1

    25. Did Madison spell her name wrong on the capital test for Wisconsin? No.

    26. Why do you not wear purple every day? I wear purple every Friday - I do not own only purple clothes - 

    27. Are you wearing purple on your wedding? Yes

    28. What is Mr. Hull's middle name? Gailen

    29. When is Mr. Hull's birthday? 04/30

    30. What is Mr. Hull's last name? Hull

    31. Who is cooler Amy or Mandi? Neither

    32. Why is Daniella so weird? The question board is not a place for bullying - next person to be mean comes in for a tea party at 7am. Daniella is cool a person!

    33. Is Tyler hair dirty blonde or brown? Depends on the season.

    34. Is Daniella going to turn into a taco? Only if she is killed and chopped up like a pig because the mafia wants to hide her body.

    35. When will we meet your fiance? Never

    36. Where is Fez from? The home country is never revealed on the television show "That 70s Show" however it is a foreign island with Dutch and British ties.

    37. What is the Geico creature? The creature is known as the Geico Gecko

    38. Why are some of the questions not on the site even though they are not on the question board in the classroom? Sometimes I lose the post it notes where I write the question - I am sorry for this.

    39. What are the telletuby names and colors? *Answer from Wikipedia

    Tinky Winky (played by Dave Thompson, Mark Heenehan, and Simon Shelton) is the first Teletubby. He is the largest of the Teletubbies, is covered in purple terrycloth, and has a triangular antenna on his head. He is notable for the red luggage (described by the show as a "magic bag", but often described by other media as a handbag) he always carries. His character has caused controversy due to allegations that his character's behavior, bag and body colour have homosexual qualities (see below).

    Dipsy (played by John Simmit) is the second Teletubby. He is green and is named "Dipsy" because his antenna resembles a dipstick. He likes his black and white furry top hat, which he once lost. Laa-Laa found it, but instead of simply returning Dipsy's hat to the stricken Dipsy, she ran around it for about ten minutes shouting "Dipsy Hat! Dipsy Hat!". He is the most stubborn of the Teletubbies, and will sometimes refuse to go along with the other Teletubbies' group opinion. His face is also notably darker than the rest of the Teletubbies, and the creators have stated that he is Black.[9]

    Laa-Laa (played by Nikky Smedley) is the third Teletubby. She is yellow, and has a curly antenna. She likes to sing and dance, and is often seen to look out for the other Teletubbies. Her favourite thing is a bouncy, orange ball, which is almost as big as she is.

    Po (played by Pui Fan Lee) is the fourth and last Teletubby. She is the smallest and youngest of the Teletubbies, is red, and has an antenna shaped like a stick used for blowing soap bubbles. Her favourite object is her scooter, which she calls "scoota" (she also calls it "Po 'cooter!", or just "cooter"). Po can sometimes be mischievous and naughty, as when she disobeys the commands of the "voice trumpets". She has been stated by the show's creators to be Cantonese,[9] and as such, she is bilingual, speaking both English and Cantonese. Although many are unsure of Po's gender, or consider her to be male (possibly because of her scarlet colour and tomboyish antics), she is clearly referred to as female in several episodes, such as "Dad's Portrait" (Episode 216, first broadcast 1998) and "Numbers: 2" (Episode 30). Many refer to her as "he" even though it is "she" (the same happens with Laa-Laa).

    Noo-Noo (prononced Nuu-Nuu) seems to be both the Teletubbies' guardian and housekeeper, due to its resemblance to a vacuum cleaner, which is its principal purpose in the house. Noo-Noo hardly ventures outside, instead remaining indoors and constantly cleaning with its sucker-like nose. It does not speak like the other characters, instead communicating through a series of slurping and sucking noises. At times, Noo-Noo gets annoyed with the Teletubbies' antics and can vacuum their food or toys. This usually prompts the Teletubbies to scold Noo-Noo through a cry of "Naughty Noo-Noo!". Usually after this, Noo-Noo flees and the Teletubbies pursue it comically around the house until they grow tired, are distracted by something, or forgive Noo-Noo. This sequence ends with them hugging it, or with it shooting out their absorbed objects.

    40. Where are the newspapers in the room from? I bought the newspapers from the news stand near my condo - the news stand is on Main Street and Chicago in Evanston.

    41. What year was Mr. Hull born in? 1983

    42. What shoe size is Mr. Hull? 15

    43. Did Mr. Hull play basketball at Ohio State? Mr. Hull played at Denison University near Columbus OH

    44. Do peeps explode in the microwave? In my experience - yes.

    45. Does Mr. Hull have a life? In my opinion - no.

    46. Why are there states like New Jersey if there was never an Old Jersey? For some states like New York there was a York in England - however - this is also the case for Jersey: check out

    47. Why is 'nothing' a word if when you split it up it is no thing which means the same thing? English is a interesting language that often has combined language to create a difficult dialect to learn.

    48. What is the link to the Cambridge Brain Challenge?

    49. What is the weirdest question you have ever had on the question board? In my opinion - the number of bricks in the room.

    50. What is puhlingflibbertbjibbet? A rude girl

    51. Why do you have a question board? To answer questions

    52. Are you a aratchybutyfobist? No.

    53. Is a country richer than another if it has a higher per capita GDP? The wealth of a country can be measured using a variety of measures and therefore depends on the data being used. Per capita GDP is a viable data measure.

    54. Is there a mathematical equation for solving a rubik's cube? There are specific moves depending on the set up of the cube.

    55. What is the average grade for the Latin America Trip? Between 82% and 87%

    56. Is mint a flavor or a food? Mint is a leaf that some describe as an herb - therefore it is a food - often mint flavor is produced from the leaf as an extract - however there is also artificial mint flavoring that is not from the plant this is a flavor and not a food.

    57. What is reality? Reality is dependent upon the perception and point of view of individuals and is undetermined to others except in what can be expressed through verbal and non verbal communication therefore it is difficult to contextualize and answer definitively or completely as it is understood differently by many and none can prove the other wrong.

    58. Are all people related in the end? Depends on your beliefs - especially about the origins of human life.

    59. Do you think time is weird? Yes - long story short - yes time is an oddity - and for some not even a reality.

    60. What is your least favorite color? Mustard yellow

    61. Where were you born? Evanston IL

    62 Who decides where the windows and the walls are when the song is playing? Anyone dancing

    63. When is Mr. Hull's birthday? See question #29

    64. How tall is Abbie K? Shorter than Mr. Hull

    65. How many shirts do Abbie and Daniella own? Combined they own fewer shirts than Mr. Hull

    66. Is Madison Harris owned a theme park what would it be called?

    67. What is the average grade on the capital test? The expected grade is a 100%

    68. Does Mr. Hull trust Sammi L? Yes

    69. What did Mr. Hull have for lunch? Pulled pork sandwich

    70. What would win between an immovable object versus an unstoppable force? Neither exist therefore there is not a winner nor a loser.

    71. Are unicorns real? Proof? There has been zero evidence to prove unicorns are real - the lack of evidence (no photographic or fossil evidence) can be used to support the hypothesis that they do not exist.

    72. What does ESPN stand for? Entertainment Sports Programming Network

    73. Where did the elves go from Highwood? They are underneath the ninth house on the muffinan's lane.

    74. Why do people like fried food? A theory that exists states that since the time of cavemen people have sought food for survival - the craving for food high in calories, salt, and sugar some explain is a craving to survive. Fried food is high in salt, sugar, and calories.

    75. Do you Mr. Hull like pizza hot or cold? Both

    76. Do you Mr. Hull like deep dish pizza? Yes

    77. Do you Mr. Hull like pancakes? Yes but only with Vermont maple syrup.

    78. Why does NSSD112 not get Columbus day off? The district has decided to take other days off instead.

    79. What is Abbie's favorite goalie?

    80. Why did pilgrims wear hats? It was apart of their culture and clothing preference.

    81. Is your house purple Mr. Hull? No

    82. What grade did student X receive on their current event? Student X received an A

    83. What does OMGIBAN stand for? Oh My Gosh I Broke A Nail

    84. Why is Zoey unable to think of a question? Zoey put extreme pressure on herself to brainstorm the perfect question - yet no question is perfect

    85. Why are 7th graders not allowed to write on the calendar? That privilege is for 8th grade students

    86. Why does Mr. Hull not have a purple phone? iPhones do not come in purple - however I do have a purple case

    87. Why is Ono so cool? Because duh she is amazing.

    88. Should Avery give Caleb a cupcake? Yes. Sharing is caring.

    89. Why is Justin Beiber attractive? Some people like his hair, or his eyes, or his smile, or the fact he is Canadian.

    90. Why was there a 7 minute song about chili during the Highland Park Choir concert? Because it was supposed to be a fun catchy tune that sparked conversation - it was a success!

    91. What is a tomato baby curry puree? The use of baby tomatoes and curry in a puree.

    92. What is Kylie's middle name? Jordan

    93. What will Amy grow up to be? Amy is capable of becoming anything she puts her mind to - so the world is full of possibilities.

    94. Do you know a ninja? No

    95. Are you a ninja? No

    96. Is Dubai a city or a country? City

    97. What is the benefit of doing capital and country quizzes? They provide you with a foundation of basic knowledge which will convince people that you have gone to school - first impressions are important especially in terms of intelligence. 

    98. Why is Mr. Hull hypocritical? That judgment is a point of view and is not supported by everyone.

    99. Why is iChat fun? It is fun to use video to talk and goof around.

    100. Why is facebook fun? Facebook enables people to stay in touch without too consuming of a time commitment.

    101. What is better ichat or facebook? In my opinion, facebook.

    102. Mr. Hull waht do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher.

    103. Did you play high school football? No, but in college I was recruited to play

    104. Why is Mr. Hull a minimalist? A minimalist is someone who does or says the minimal amount necessary.

    105. Can you do the moon walk? No

    106. What type of duck is ping? A yellow duck from a fiction book.

    107. How many answerless questions are there? None, all questions have an answer but it maybe incorrect.

    108. Is the actor from Glee playing the character Kurt gay in real life? After research I need to further cross check this answer before posting.

    109. If you lived in a sweatshirt what part would you live in? Of course the hood -

    110. Have there been UFO's sightings over China? Articles have been written recently describing UFO sightings over China's cities and towns - however, these have been explained by Chinese Air Force excursions and experimental aircrafts. The conspiracy theorists however believe the floating nature of the aircraft could be alien.

    111. Do you speak another language? No. I want to learn how to speak Spanish.

    112. Why did you make a question board? When I was in 6th, 7th grade etc I hated when teachers would not answer questions - when students would ask tangential questions that would fall to the background - when I became a teacher I wanted my students to be curious and to ask questions even if it was a little off topic. Traditional schools with desks and a teacher talking can be boring (and yes I do teach this way sometimes) but it is always okay in my classroom to think and to let yourself analyze what is on your mind as long as you learn the necessary material too - that is why the question board was created - to allow students to write their questions no matter the topic on a board that later will be answered -

    113. Will the Bulls win the NBA Championship in 2011? I believe that the Chicago Bulls will play the Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs - and as a homer Bulls' fan I pick them to win the Championship.

    114. Why is Justin Bieber "so beautiful"? Several studies have explained that symmetrical facial lines are more attractive to the opposite sex - during my investigation it is hypothesized by some that Justin Beiber's face helps prove this theory - in addition, those attracted to Justin Bieber comment on his eyes, personality characteristics, and singing voice.

    115. Why do girls like Justin Bieber? See question 114, above.

    116. Why won't Mr. Hull laugh in class....ever? Mr. Hull smiles - laughter is rare.

    117. Why do you and Justin Bieber both like purple? Simple - purple is the best color - ever!

    118. Do you like Chinese food? Yes.

    119; Why are student "A" and "B" super cool? All my students are super cool to me.

    120. Why is student "C" so strange?

    121. It is 6:18pm on a Monday night and "we" are in your room - guess who? Amy and Jordyn. Thanks for the help during interviews.

    122. Why do I eat Pandas? Because they are chocolate covered candies

    123. Why is student "D" looking through your desk? Because there are extra credit slips that if found guarantee any student a specific grade.

    124. Why do student "D" and "E" partake in 8th grade hall adventures? All students are curious and wish they were older - but older students realize at some point that time moves to fast any way and they should have enjoyed the moment.

    125. Why is Mr. Hull not cool? Mr. Hull is old, too tall, and simply weird

    126. Are pandas mean? Panda bears are territorial animals that protect their young and land. They can be aggressive in their protection.

    127. What is the meaning of life? An individual must seek the answers that satisfy and inform their life.

    128. How can we restore Hannah's faith in humanity? Hannah must find the positives in life.

    129. What does dating Tom mean? I guess it must be a moment of relief for many.

    130. Who is George White? A pseudonym for an important person.

    131. Why do people write questions they already know the answer to? A challenge for those that do not.

    132. Origin of the word "hi" Debating the origins of the word is impossible to prove but one possible theory involves the shortening of the phrase from how are you to hiya to hi

    133. What is the importance of the box genocide sheets? An outlined study guide for the five genocides being examined in social studies -specifically focusing on the who, when, where, what, why, and how.

    134. How do you make a human S? A lot of yoga, stretching, and flexibility.

    135. Why are you treating us like mini devils? A misinterpretation of treatment I believe is occurring.

    136. Why do you like Meredith more than her sister? Apparently, Meredith is one cool student.

    137. Can I be your flower girl? At the wedding no one under the age of 16 will be attending - so unfortunately no.

    138. What question is impossible to answer? No question is impossible to answer - yet not all questions have one right answer

    139. Define meep: A sound that is made during as a joke.

    140. Is Amy the coolest person you have ever met? No

    141. Why does money have people on it? Historically, leaders of sovereign states placed their likeness on medal coins and later cotton/paper/cloth currency. This was done for a variety of reasons - first, there is a cultural component, second, their is an egotistical component - additional reasons exist. For a longer answer please ask for clarification.

    142. Is it possible to replace pool water with jello? An interesting story - yes you can replace pool water with jello and actually there is a story involving a man who did just this - he jumped off the diving board - broke both his legs and drowned in the jello. Sad sad story.

    143. What is your name? My name depends on who is saying it - to students Mr. Hull, to players Coach Hull, to family Christopher, to others Chris or Toph.



    For Archived Questions you may also check out my old site -

    2009.2010 Student Questions


    To submit a question either email me at or write the question on the Question Board in class answers will be posted here on the website after proper research


    1. Is Tupac dead? Yes.

    2. Is it possible to count to infinity? No, it is impossible.

    3. How many seconds are there in a year? 31557600 seconds in a year.

    4. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Look at question #29 from 2008-2009.

    5. How many cornels are on a corn of cob? The number is determined by the health of the soil and growing conditions. There are always an even number of rows on a corn of cob but the number of cornels and rows varies usually between 8 and 16 rows.

    6. Name the people on the assignment notebook cover - The picture is available.

    7. How many boys and girls go to Elm Place? There are 251 boys and 256 girls

    8. How long can you chew a piece of stride gum without it losing its flavor? Approximately 9 minutes.

    9. How many people died making "The House of the Damned"? Zero.

    10. Who invented the "peace" sign? In 1958, British artist Gerald Holtom drew a circle with three lines inside, intending the design to be a symbol for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War (DAC)

    11. Top 10 Most common Names for 2008 Boys: Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Joshua, Daniel, Alexander, Anthony, William, Christopher, Matthew; Girls: Emma, Isabella, Emily, Madison, Ava, Olivia, Sophia, Abigail, Elizabeth, Chloe

    12. How many years did it take to build the Great Wall? Approximately 200 years to complete. 1st parts completed around 200 BC and the last parts added during approximately 200 years around 1360-1650

    13. Longest eye lashes Do you believe this picture?

    14. Longest word See question #63 from 2007-2008

    15. If Santa was real how much weight would each reindeer have to pull? Zero.

    16. When and who invented Battleship?Reuben Klamer 1967.

    17. Will Mr. Hull ever think of a good catch phrase for battleship? Or an accent? No

    18. Lyrics to "Like Glue" by Sean Paul

    19. Who is the tallest person in your family? I am 6'7''; brother 6'1''; father 6'1; sister 5'10''; mother 5'8''; tallest relative: unlce 6'4''

    20. Can you type an entire 'wikipedia' site backwards? I could but will not do it at this point in time.

    21. Is baby powder good for your skin? Depends on the skin. But for some yes.

    22. How many words are in the dictionary? In the current Oxford English Dictionary there are 171,476 and approximately 47,000 obsolete words

    23. Why do you say gesundheit? This word means health.

    24. What is your middle name? Gailen

    25. Newest word in the dictionary? Consult this website to see the newest words in the Oxford Dictionary:

    26. Color of a platypus? Sound a platypus makes? nThe platypus' bill is a blue-grayish blackish color with its body typically a dark brown hue. The sounds are comparable to a puppy growling.

    27. Seats in Wrigley Field? nCapacity has changed over the years; 1914 = 14,000; 2009 = 41,118

    28. Is there standing room only in Wrigley Field? Yes

    29. Why is Perry the Platypus missing? Perry the Platypus is an original television show created and aired on the Disney Channel.

    30. How long would it take to skate around the world? it would depend on the speed of the skateboarder. Until this speed is calculated you could not answer this question.

    31. How long did it take Mr. Hull to run the torch around Elm Place during the Fun(d) Run? Mr. Hull was not as swift as you would think: 99 seconds.

    32. What empire had the most people? The Chinese Empires had the most people.

    33. Why are the Kool-Cats so uber cool? In my research of hte Kool-Cats I discovered that they were created by former NBA player Cutino Mobley. Mobley stated "Kool Cat world focuses on the modern challenges that kids face, the importance of friendship, and the value of education. It also instills family values through the mediums such as books, animation, movies and toys. With an emphasis on hospitals and schools across the world, Kool Cats want to prepare young minds with information and knowledge wherever they are; at home, school, waiting in a doctor’s office, or currently hospitalized.... Our mission: We refuse to live defeated or depressed. No illness or disability can stop us because we have the heart to win!"

    34. What is the average age of the oldest peole in the world? Currently the average age of humans is 65 years. This can vary between countries and dis dependent upon other factors as well. Canadians average age is 80+ years as well as Australians. Currently, Andorra's population lives the longest on average: 83.9 years.

    35. What is the most embarassing thing you have ever done? That is a difficult question. I will have to think about this one.

    36. If you jab someone with a pencil could it go through their skin but not their shirt? No

    37. What are famous celebrities/athletes with the name: Bradley? This is an impossible question as first you must define famous. Brad Pritt, Brad Paisley, Brad Batton - are examples of some.

    38. How many words rhyme with Claire? A lot if you include slant rhymes - some include:

    Bear, care, hair, hare, fair, fare, glare, snare, pear, pair, mare, stare, tear, flare, scare, (kind of a stretch) layer, share, there, their, they're, chair, dare, flare, éclair, lair, snare, wear

    39. How many words start with the letter 'X'?


    40. Is Angel Falls used in the new Indiana Jones film? No

    41. Do you like waffles? Yes

    42. What should I be when I grow up - Jak? Jak, I suggest you remain in school focusing on your problem solving skills, critical thinking ability, your ability to synthesize information, communicate your thoughts, and reading comprehension. If you can master these you will have the potential to be anything you want. What you should be is something that makes you think and work; you want to be challenged while sometimes facing failure but in the end reaching success.

    43. Why are some people tall and some people short? Genes.

    44. Why do you indent papers? For organization. Indenting helps you visually organize and read a paper.

    45. Can you eat part of yourself? Yes

    46. In your opinion, who is to blame for the Redskins? At the end of the day the final responsibility falls to the owner. The owner has not hired the right GM. The Redskins lack the talent on their roster to compete. In addition, they hired a coach who had never been an offensive coordinator. His lack of experience has been highlighted and exposed by their roster gaps and holes. There is blame to be passed around - even to the players who are not performing on the field - but in my opinion the final blame rests with Daniel Snyder.

    47. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? As much as he wanted if he could.

    48. String Theory - see answer from 2008-2009 question #90

    49. If the world was flat how tall would it be? The world would not exist if it were flat; therefore, the height could not be measured.

    50. What is a brazil nut? A native nut from Brazil.

    51. Why are there handles on the ceiling of a car? Handles help some (tall - me - or larger) people exit a car more easily. In addition, some have found them helpful on long road trips.

    52. Why are we here? That is a question that we should all seek the answer to and should help us live our lives to their fullest.

    53. How long can people last without water? The answer depends on factors such as heat, shelter, the invidual person, etc.

    54. Why do you have 2 question boards? Back in the day before my website I would post my answers to the cork board section of the question board. Now I only use the whiteboard for student to write answers and then I post my answers online.

    55. If you love bananas but hate poeple who love bananas do you hate yourself? Maybe - do you still love bananas? If yes then are you sure you truly hate people who love bananas. If yes and yes then yes.

    56. What is the weight of Christ the Redeemer? The statue weighs 700 tons

    57. Why do people write so big on the question board? It helps people feel important.

    58. Who is your favorite President and why? I feel that this question would take time to explain but I will try - various Presidents have changed the history of our nation but no President determined the standard procedure or expectation for Presidents more so than President George Washington. For more information or an expanded explanation see me.

    59. Who would win in a fight between Gandolf and Dumbledore? It would depend on which world they are fighting in - if they are in Harry Potter's world Dumbledore would dominate, however, Gandolf the grey would lose to Dumbledore in Lord of the Rings - yet - Gandolf the white defeats Dumbledore in Lord of the Rings

    60. Does Lebron James take steriods? No

    61. How many curls does Spencer Weiss have in her hair?  Depends on her hairstyle. If she has straightened her hair she would have zero curls - if she were to perm her hair, which could be a disaster, the number could be infinite since perming curled hair leads to an exponential number of curls, therefore, currently she has approximately 99 curls per strand so it would become 99 raised to the 99th.

    62. Who is your favorite Power Puff Girl? Buttercup - or Mojo the Evil Monkey

    63. What is the longest finger in the world? Currently nine and three fourth inches.

    64. How many tentacles does Squidward have? 6- four lower tentacles two upper tentacles

    65. Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes? According to research from John Hopkins University emboryological evidence shows that the animal's background color is dark and the white stripes and bellies are additions

    66. What are the 7 Wonders of the World? The Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Mausoleum of Maussolios at Halicarnassus, Colossus of Rhodes, Lighthouse of Alexandria

    67. Are there any four legged animals that can fly? No

    68. How big is the world in centimeters? 1,275,600,000 centimeters

    69. How large is the tree in front of your room? It is impossible to know without cutting down the tree but approximately twenty to thirty years old.

    70. What is your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving.

    71. Why are my ears cold after I am active? Your blood flows to organs in terms of importance and during excercise your ear tips lose blood flow to increase blood to your lungs.

    72. Why is Student Y so nice? Why would anyone think he is so mean? Student Y is nice to people Student Y wants to be nice to and mean to those Students Y wants to be mean to - student Ymust want to be nice to you.

    73. Do you get annoyed that students are in your room during lunch? No

    74. What is your favorite holiday? I like Thanksgiving because my family all comes together and hangs out. Plus - I like to eat.

    75. Why are prescription medicines called Rx? Rx stands for the latin word recipe which meant take

    76. If Justin Beiber voice is normal why does he sing so high? Justin has a high vocal range which some musical experts believe is genetic.

    77. Why does Chuck want his breakfast in bed? He is tired.

    78. Why does Barack Obama bring terrorist to Illinois? Illinois has the jail capacity and it will generate more jobs for the state.

    79. How much does student Y love student X? Love is impossible to measure.

    80a. Why does student X have no friends? Clearly student B has friends; and if he does not why is student B being descriminated against and bullied.

    80b.Why do students think it is funny to comment on other students? They are bored and are bullying others which could result in a lengthy conversation with an adult.

    81. How many miles would you have to walk to cross the United States? 2092 miles.

    82. What are the 3 levels of irony? 1) Verbal irony. 2) Dramatic irony. 3) Irony of situation

    83. Why does everyone that Chicago teams trade do amazing on their new team? Simple answer - short answer - player development and use of players in the proper system.

    84. Why do are duck erasers so cool? Any shape for an eraser is cool and the cooler the animal shape the cooler the eraser - color also is a factor - a purple eraser is cooler than any pink eraser.

    85. Why is Iverson on an Syracuse National Jersey? It is the old name team professional basketball team that used to play in Philadelphia.

    86. Why did Brian Kelly take the job at Notre Dame before the bowl game? Money.

    87. If you jump from 40 feet into a foam pit with an umbrella how much would the umbrella slow down your impact? This question depends on the size/circumfance of the umbrella, is the umbrella open? what material is the umbrella made out of? is there any wind factors that need to be accounted for?

    88. When was Humpty Dumpty written? How do we know Humpty Dumpty is an egg? Can you provide more information on Humpty Dumpty? The earliest known copy is from 1803, it was originally a riddle and therefore it was simply assumed to be an egg because "humpty dumpty" referred to a brandy boiled in ale

    89. Why did Elm Place switch from chalk boards to white boards? The PTO donated them to the school.

    90. What came first the chicken or the egg? Neither.

    91. How is the NFL Schedule made?

    92. Can pelicans fly? Yes.

    93. If Pinnochio says his nose will grow when he lies what will happen? Nothing his nose only grows when he lies.

    94. If you are born in Las Vegas are you allowed to leave? Yes.

    95. How long is a giraffes neck? Depends on the size of the giraffe.

    96. What is your favorite music? Any music that my friends find enjoyable I typically like - I wish I was a bigger music fan but I listen to it all from rap to country to rock to alternative - I have been working out to Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas - I also listen to the same type of music Mr. Shilkus does sometimes too.

    97. How much does a penguin weigh? The emperor penguin is around 88 lbs.

    98. When something like Haiti happens why is the US asked to fix it? I believe that the United States takes the lead role in situations and therefore in times of need countries look to us as a leader - this is my personal opinion - but if you claim to be a world leader when the time comes to lead (a disaster) eyes will turn to you to follow through

    99. Are babies born with eyebrows? Sometimes

    100. How long will it take to reach the ground? Depends on the time of day - sometimes I am much more willing to touch my toes because I am not tired and it is so far away.

    101. Why does Brett Favre pick fights in games with random people? Some people claim it is because he is competitive - while others believe he is a jerk.

    102. Is Kendrick Perkins under-rated? No

    103. How old is Lebron James? 26

    104. Why does Sandy sell sea shells by the sea shore if people just pick them up along the beach? People buy them and she is great at finding purrrty shells.

    105. Where is Waldo? Depends on the page you are looking at.

    106. If Danny has 5 tomatoes and Brett steals those 5 tomatoes what does that make Brett? Brett is a theif.

    107. Why is Sophie's middle name Minouche? It is a family name. Like my middle name - Gailen.

    108. Why do I always forget my question for the question board? Because you are forgetful.

    109. Where was the word ahoy invented? The origins may date back to the nautical vikings and an acient greeting - or like hello maybe simply was invented

    110. Why does medicine have long names but their brands do not? Because they are not easy to remember unless the names are shortened.

    111. Who grades the real ISAT ERRs? A group of retired and current teachers.

    112. What is the quantom theory? See string theory from 2008-2009 questions

    113. Why do dogs hate cats? Not all dogs hate cats - only certain dogs hate cats - it has to do with their prior experience involving territorial issues, etc.

    114. Why does Teddy want to kill Bradley's cat? Because Teddy dislikes your cat and wants Bradley to become upset

    115. Why are cowboys called cowboys if they ride horses? They herd cows - so boys were herding cows or cattle - therefore cowboys.

    116. What shampoo does Spencer use? Spencer alternates between select shampoos to ensure her hair is perfect.

    117. Why does the marker run out? The markers need ink and over time the ink runs out - also the air can dry out the ink in the pen.

    118. Why is Lily Lizzie's bubble bunny? Because that is her nickname and they like double bubble gum.

    119. Can you mail a milkshake? No - you are not allowed to mail liquids after 9/11

    120. In In all biofuels supplies what is the average cost? The cost of biofuel depends on the amount and the quality

    121. Can a sumo wrestler beat a UFC fighter? Can a sumo wrestler beat a UFC figher? - Yes it is possible

    122. Who is a better tackler: Kimbo Slice, Troy P, or Ray Lewis? This depends on who and what they are tackling but in order - Lewis, Troy, Kimbo.

    123. Why are me and Eddie Bff's? Because you and Eddie are best friends and you get along.

    124. Who is Beth? I do not know.

    125. Why do wristlets rock my world? Because they are small fashionable purses that are a hit on Project Runway - go Tim Gunn!

    126. Why are school buses yellow? School bus yellow is a color which was especially formulated for use on School buses in North America in 1939. The color is now officially known in Canada and the U.S. as National School Bus Glossy Yellow and was originally called National School Bus Chrome. The pigment used for this color was for a long time the lead-containing chrome yellow. In April of that year, Dr. Frank W. Cyr, a professor at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York organized a conference that established national school-bus construction standards for the U.S., including the standard color of yellow for the school bus. It became known officially as "National School Bus Chrome." The color was selected because black lettering on that hue was easiest to see in the semi-darkness of early morning. - from

    127. Is it salmon? Then what is it? If it is salmon then it is salmon.

    128. What is the highest Current Event grade? This year a student scored a 100% on the 2nd Current Event.

    129. How do you say purple in arabic? This pronunciation is beyond be but: urjuwani

    130. Do you answer all of these questions? This year I am trying to - I am pretty successful

    131. Why do you like purple? This is an easy question - it is my favorite color and it is purrrty.

    132. How many people say "like" or "um" a day? Over 1 billion people say those words a day

    133. In your opinion, who is more valuable to their team: Joe Mauer or Tim Lincecum? This question is fairly easy - Joe Mauer as he plays in many more games than Lincecum pitches in - plus if I were building a team their age is nearly the same so I would want Mauer - but Lincecum is my favorite pitcher to watch (2nd is Big Z)

    134. What Elm Place volleyball is better? The staff volleyball team is the best.

    135. Do you think sky diving is cool? Yes

    136. What is the cheapest individual plan with unlimited txt and internet that has coverage in Highland Park? This would be Verizon's unlimited plan - as of this post.

    137. What happened to the "a" in Saudi Arabia? This was lost in translation

    138. If three chickens run away would they go to Mexico or Canada? One would travel to Canada and two would go to Mexico

    139. What is inside "Lotsa-Fizz" candy? The ingredients include: sugar, corn syrup, tararic acid, sodium bicarbonate, artifical flavors (fd & c red #40, yellow #6, and blue #1)

    140. Which class is most annoying? None

    141. Do you think vampires exist? This is a personal opinion - no.

    142. Is Saudi Arabia 2 countries? No

    143. Do you believe in the boogeyman? No

    144. Boogeyman information is from previous year.

    145. Do you know what teachers use with the gum and material they take from students? They use it or throw it away.

    146. Why am I wearing purple today? Purple is the best

    147. Who has the best starting rotation in baseball as we enter spring training? The Boston Red Sox

    148. Do you believe in the Lochness monster? No. For more information see previous years questions and information (search this page for Lochness Monster information)

    149. What is the stupidest question you have ever had? This is an opinion - read the questions on this site and form your own opinion.

    150. Why did I write this question? Because you wanted to.

    151. Do dogs have taste buds? Yes

    152. Why am I 5 feet 2 inches? Genes plus nutrition plus enivornmental factors.

    153. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Depends on what type of cookies there are.

    154. Will planet x really hit the earth? No

    155. What is the length of this line on the board? 33 cm

    156. Why do we have Project Citizen? In my opinion, this unit offers a great opportunity for students to learn how to research a topic. In addition, students work on their problem solving skills and critical thinking abilities. Finally, I am able to integrate technology into the unit with ease and I enjoy the unit.

    157. Will you change my seat? -by E.S - Yes

    158. How do Neo-Nazi's still exist if they started bcause of the economy after WWI? Neo-nazi's exist because of anti-semitic beliefs - Adolf Hitler was able to take power over an entire country because of the economy. The hatred towards the Jewish population unfortunately has existed in Europe for centuries and continues among various populations today. Thoughts and beliefs of hatred need to be confronted.

    159. Why do people dislike John Wall? People like to dislike very talented basketball players and root for the underdogs.

    160. Why does John Wall think he is so good when he is not? John Wall is good so he is correct in his belief.

    161.  Why is Evan Turner better than John Wall? Evan Turner is not better than John Wall.

    162. Why do we take tests? To be assessed on one's knowledge and thinking.

    163. Why is Mintz so gnarly? Only some believe he is.

    164. Is there a country named orange? No

    165. What nail color should I wear? Purple

    166. Can anyone say toy boat 15x fast without messing up? Yes

    167. Who created swear words? Why are they bad if they have synonyms? Society creates taboos for a society - it is a part of the ABC's of culture each culture and language has its own set of taboo actions and words. Swear words are simply the unaccptable expressions as deemed by the society.

    168. Why is the sky blue? The sky appears to be blue due to the atmosphere reflection and our perception of color.

    169. If your hamburger started talking what would you do? Laugh.

    170. Where is Lauryn? Depends on what time it is.

    171. What is the point of stem tests? Stems help you learn many words quickly, words are built upon these stems and therefore if they are known you will have a better understanding of all vocabulary you become introduced to.

    172. Where will Lebron James? Joe Johnson? And Chris Bosh go in free agency? Lebron = Cleveland, Joe Johnson = New York, Bosh = Chicago

    173. Is Mel Gibson anti-semantic? Depends on your point of view - some people believe yes.

    174. How big does the biggest fish caught weigh?

    175. If a person caught a man bear pig how much would it cost? Priceless.

    176. Whose the mayor of Bangladesh? Dhaka Mayoer

    177. What would happen if you touched lava?

    178. What cop gun is better: the .50 cal or the intervention? The intervention

    179. Who said the pen is mightier than the sword? The Mr. Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839

    180. Spencing hair smells like? Cocunut Mango

    181. Why do you have so many calendars? I collected them when I was younger and continue to today.

    182. Why do people call the bathroom the john? The inventor of the flushing toilets name is Sir John Harrington

    183. Why does Mr. Hull not laugh? The jokes being told are not funny - in addition - he may have been beaten for showing signs of weakness as a younger person

    184. Why are all bandages called bandaids? The brand name recognition has taken over the general understanding of what the object is - this also has happened with Kleenex - the brand name has become so known for the product it is easier to call the object by the name of the brand than the original name of the object

    185. What is the luckiest number ever? This is an opinion - and in my opinion 9

    186. Why do people say cats have 9 lives? There are many different theories - there are crazy stories and simple stories - a simple story is that cats have been seen falling from heights that would hurt most other animals but they seem to always survive -

    187. Why does Dyllan pretend to listen to music when it is not plugged in? This is a mystery - especially when there are no electronics allowed during the school day - there is only opinion and some believe it is to deter people from talking to her others believe it allows her to speak clearly and loudly for all to hear - but we may never know - it all comes down to the choices we make.

    188. Do you like 7th period? This is easy: yes

    189. Why is purple pretty?  The reasoning come down to the perceptions of individuals - in my individual opinion yes -

    190. What is the definition of eew? The definition: it is gross, disgusting

    191. Do I want a pet frog? No

    192. Can a person marry a frog? This is illegal in the United States

    193. How do you say later in latin? Postmodo

    194. Is the TV Show Survivor real? The show is real, yet, they will not allow someone to die.

    195. Where did the question mark come from? Thought to originate from teh Latin quaestio meaning qustion

    196. What does Avidenchy mean? There is no word that I can find with this spelling.


    Always Researching...

    91. How is the NFL Schedule made?







    2008.2009 Student Questions

    1. Automobile History

    2. Squid Facts

    3. Presidential Assassinations

    4. Snake Information

    5. State Sucession

    6. Natural Disasters

    7. Hiccups

    8. Biden Plagiarism

    9. Dream Interpretation

    10. Languages (# of People)

    11. Stoplights in the world (researching)

    12. Body Language Introduction - See me for handout

    13. First War

    14. Senator Page Information

    15. Dry Ice Information

    16. Donald Duck Information

    17. Cockroach Information

    18. Earths Rotation

    19. Bermuda Triangle

    20. Pizza Information

    21. Radioactivity

    22. Cannibalism

    23. Pangea

    24. Religion Definition

    25. Curses
    26. M&M Production and Info
    28. Muscles needed to stand up
    29. Licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop
    30. Purple People Eater Song: Meaning
    31. Solution to Fermats Theorum
    32. Chinese Mythology
    33. Norse Mythology
    34. Telepathy

    35. Training Body to Walk on Coals - Answer: This is a controversial issue with many possibilities. If you want to discuss at more length see me.
    36. Square World Impact
    37. Black Market Definition
    38. State Capitals Reasons (Additional information: Spreadsheet of Capitals)
    39. Graded papers for Teachers: Each teacher is different
    40. Secret Codes - Answer: There are infinite codes as they are always being created. Some are simple, some are complex.
    41. Pepper Spray Dog
    42. Bricks in room 207 Answer: 4208

    43. Bankruptcy

    45. Tim Gunn Age

    46. Race and athleticism
    47. Muppets (numbers and names)
    48. Barney Actor (s)

    49. Photographs (How do they work)
    50. Frankenstein
    51. Chinese Food and Cheese

    52. Polka Dots

    53. Oldest Musical Instrument
    54. FreeMasonry Answer:

    55. Illuminati Information

    57. Heaviest elephant

    58. Real Names

    59. Jack Sparrow
    60. History Liquorice
    61. Hershey Kiss Information

    62. Fairies -Answer: Belief in the existence of ideas, individuals, etc. is determined by individuals and is up to your interpretation.

    63. Square feet in Elm Place

    64. How many Highland Parks are there in the US
    65. Firefox History

    66. USMC West Point History
    67. History of Divali
    68. Obama and Israel
    69. Richest person in the world Answer: as of March 2008 Warren Buffet (worth $62 billion) was the richest man in the world.
    70. Steve from Blues Clues Answer: the actors name is Steve Burns and he is currently participating in a moving being filmed.
    71. How many capitals are in the world
    72. Species of Bird
    73. Speeding ticket on a bike. Answer: Yes
    74. Main points of Chemistry and Biology

    75. French History

    76. Can Mr. Hull tell the future? Answer: Sometimes

    77. Will aspartame kill you? Answer: This artificial sweetener is being investigated however it would need to be taken in extreme excess to kill a person.

    78. Does Santa Exist? Answer: Belief in the existence of ideas, individuals, etc. is determined by individuals and is up to your interpretation.

    79. Are humans evolving into monkeys? Answer: The scientific evidence that I have examined suggests no.

    80. Can you buy an orangutan? Answer: Yes, but you need a special permit.

    81. Indian Myth: The Turtle and the Elephant

    82. Australian Independence

    83. Chicago Bear Championships Answer: 9 Championships. 1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963 = (8 NFL Champions) 1985 (1 Super Bowl Champions)

    84. Origin of "carrot top" reference Answer: No real date can be found. It appears the slang term referring to a person with red hair as a carrot top originated in the United States during the last century but no evidence can prove the exact date when the slang term was introduced.

    85. Is an inch worm really an inch? Answer: it is approximately an inch but not always

    86. Cactus Information

    87. Global Warming Explanation

    88. Birthmark Explanation Answer: No scientific reason can be found for why. There are many myths discussing possibilities but scientists and doctors do not know exactly how or why most common birthmarks appear.

    89. Water Bear Information

    90. String Theory

    91. Gallons of Water in Lake Michigan Answer: Lake Michigan holds 1.3 x 1015 gallons of water

    92. Why is Apple not bankrupt? Answer: Their products make money.

    93. Is John McCain a bird chicken? Answer: No.

    94. What kind of beans does Jack's beanstalk grow? Answer: Magic beans.

    95. Boot Camp length. Answer: 10 weeks.

    96. What type of car do you drive? Honda Civic.

    97. How Many Different Colors of M&Ms are there? 22. Visit for more information

    98. How Many Different Colors of Crayons are there? 158 for more information go to

    99. Synonym for thesaurus: glossary, language reference book, lexicon, onomasticon, storehouse of words, terminology

    100. Procedure to repair an ACL: click

    101. How many dogs were tehre in "Marley and Me" - 18 dogs

    102. Lindsey Hunter NBA Career:

    103. Will 5 seeds from an apple produce an apple tree? Yes, provided the right environmental conditions.

    104. How many grains of rice does an average Asian eat per year? In China it is approximately 300-400 pounds of rice a year (

    105. What year was a water fountain invented? The early 1900s.

    106. What was the first democracy?

    107. Were any Presidents on anti depressents? Surprisingly this information is not available online. I will continue to reserach this question.

    108. What countries consider Kosovo a country?

    109. What makes a war a world war? The opinion of the dominant culture.

    110. Red heads and Scotland?

    111. What is the blast radius of a nuclear bomb? This depends upon the size of the bomb but consult

    112. Where is the fountain of youth? This is sought after by many but the location is unknown to the masses.

    113. Who is Grace Kelly? She was a film star from the 1950s, my favorite movie of hers was Rear Window directed by Alfred Hitchcock

    114. Ulcer information?

    115. What are the interesting facts about Uganda
    116. What is a good question? A good question is a question that you do not know the correct answer and you want to know the truth.
    117. Where does Big Bird live? Seasame Street
    118. Can you go cross eyed? No, doctors insist that this is a myth.

    119. Weirdest myth This is up to interpretation and if you want you may ask specifics about certain myths.
    120. Igloo made out of ice or snow Ice and snow are the same element at different stages.
    121. Uses for duct tape This website has several uses for duct tape
    122. Genocide versus animals name: Extermination

    123. Canadian genocide? TSome scholars believe that the Canadian government committed a genocide against the indians in the region. Again this is up to interpretation and for you to apply your knowledge of the definition and stages of genocide.
    124. Colombian Genocide Information:
    125. Canadian death penalty? The death penalty is outlawed in Canada since 1976

    126. Ivory Coast capital change- This change occured in 1983. For more information please ask.
    127. NCAA origins - The website Tcontains information regarding the origins of the NCAA and the reasons for its creation.
    128. Neanderthal extinction There is no absolute answer to this question instead scholars have various theories. If you are interested in a few possible theories you may consult
    129. Crossants for French per year There unfortunately no answer to this question as of now but the research will continue.
    130. What happened to Ariel Sharon
    131. Is there an environmentally cigarette - The use of cigarettes is illegal for minors and causes serious health risks. Currently, there are "organic" cigarettes that are "environmentally" friendly being marketed by some companies.
    132. How many headbands does Blair Waldorf wear on Gossip Girl Season 1 tAfter consulting many slideshows and pictures and articles detailing Blair's wardrobe it is impossible to know the exact number of headbands used on season 1 of Gossip Girl, however, the number exceeds 25.
    133. How do you decide which questions you answer? I answer all questions on the board except for occasionally a question will be lost in transfer.
    135. How did Hitler create the swatstika - The swatiska dates back to the Neolithic period and is seen often in Indian culture. However, after the Nazi adaptation of the symbol it has been used much less and is outlawed in Germany.
    134. Is the Grim Reaper a fictional characer This character is believed to be fictional for most people, however, there are individuals who believe the Grim Reaper to be real.
    135. Is there such thing as an Irish Gypsy

    136. What is the fastest cow? The fastest cow is 25 mph

    137. Information about Benito Mussolini? In late April 1945, with total defeat looming, Mussolini attempted to escape to Switzerland, only to be captured and summarily executed near Lake Como by Communist Italian partisans. His body was taken to Milan where it was hung upside down at a petrol station for public viewing and to provide confirmation of his demise.

    138. Information about the Nazi salute- The gesture of giving an oath with a raised spear. Such claims had some justification, since historians had long argued that similar gestures were used at the installation of ancient Germanic kings. Illustrations reconstructing such events, and showing the salute, date back to the mid nineteenth century.

    139. Who named the holocaust the holocaust and when? Since the mid 19th century the word has been used by authors to describe large catastrophes and massacres. In the 20th century the term was used to describe the Armenian Genocide. Winston Churchill was quoted using the term to describe the Armenian genocide. By the 1950s documents had translated "shoah," as the Judeocide, with the word Holocaust. This use can be found as early as May 23, 1943, in The New York Times, on page E6, in an article by Julian Meltzer, referring to feelings in Palestine about Jewish immigration of refugees from "the Nazi holocaust. By the 1960s the term had become nearly universal.

    140. Alien Life? There has been no confirmed information connecting or proving alien life to date.

    141. Taliban Information - The Taliban believe in a strict anti modern ideology and they seek a national leadership role. They are currently fighting in the Afghanistan and Pakistan region

    142. Videographer---a word? The word means a person who works in the video medium

    143. Is the moon made out of cheese? No.
    144. How much money is there in the US? Since that number changes daily there is no exact number that could be provided.
    145. What flavor is metal? Metallic.
    146. David Aardsma career pitch total? As of May 27th at 12:19pm = 3151
    147. Do you dream when you are in a coma? Some say they dream some say they do not.
    148. When will Alexandra be quiet? Sometime soon.

    149. What is the website to find old websites?

    150. Was there a real girl who moved from Africa to New Trier? Yes.

    151. Can you experience twin telepathy on a daily basis with someone not in your family? No. It would then be called telepathy. Twin telepathy only occurs between twins.

    152. How many videos have Krstina Horner and Lauren Fairweather made?

    153. Who killed Biggie? The murder of Biggie is unsolved.


    2007.2008 Student Questions

    Questions answered:

    1. Numbers Genocide
    2. Statue versus Sculpture
    3. Stature in front of EP
    4. Volcanoes and Yellowstone
    5. Penguins Flight
    6. Andrew Johnson Impeachment
    7. Penguin Facts
    8. David Blaine Breath
    9. Ostrich Flight
    10. Flamingo One Leg
    11. Rubiks Cube
    12. Exotic Animal License
    13. Intersection of Prime Meridian and Equator
    14. Turkey Facts
    15. 365 Calendar
    16. Yosemite National Park
    17. Oldest Human
    18. South Africa’s Capitals
    19. Why are zodiac names used for the Tropics?
    20. Wolf Facts
    21. Giraffe Facts
    22. School Situation NSSD 112 (as of 10.01.07)
    23. Current population of the United States (and the Census)
    24. Top High Schools in Illinois and the Nation
    25. Geothermal Heating
    26. Bottle Water
    27. Haunted Houses
    28. Amoeba’s Good versus Killer
    29. Porcupine Facts
    30. Deerfield Killing
    31. Puma Facts
    32. Ocelot Facts
    33. Eraser Inventor
    34. Dog Vision
    35. Two Colorado Rivers?
    36. Iraqi Death Total
    37. Nuclear Weapon Breakdown
    38. Leaning Tower of Pisa Information
    39. Fireworks – A History
    40. Soda Development
    41. English versus Metric System
    42. Desalination
    43. Average Water Usage per person
    44. How did Halloween begin?
    45. Why are people immigrating from the U.S. to Australia?
    46. Islands: Definition and Size
    47. Lake Titicaca Facts
    48. Examples of Hyperinflation
    49. Hybrid Car Basics
    50. Clean Cars California Information
    51. Clean Cars Illinois – State Representative Karen May
    52. Longest Word
    53. Most poisonous creature in the world
    54. World’s Smallest Countries
    55. People per square mile (in cities)
    56. Mt. Everest Tribe
    57. Commercial Cost
    58. Turbine Jet Engine Facts
    59. Pac-Man Facts
    60. Original Sports Teams
    61. Rabbit Eye Color
    62. Rarest Gem
    63. Definition of G.O.P = Grand Old Party
    64. Understanding the Political Symbols: Donkey and Elephant
    65. John McCain History
    66. Tallest Giraffe
    67. Tallest Human
    68. Ugg Material
    69. Kwanzaa Information
    70. Honeymoon Origin
    71. Wicca Culture
    72. El Chupacabra
    73. Loch Ness Monster
    74. Highest IQ
    75. Maya 2012
    76. Pop Tarts
    77. Oldest Degree
    78. Pop Rocks
    79. Best Tennis Player
    80. Tallest Building
    81. Dawn of the Dead Make Up
    82. Snowflake facts
    83. Area 51
    84. 1st College in U.S.
    85. Raphael Lemkin Biographical Information
    86. Nuremberg Trial Details
    87. How does a gun work?
    88. Trail of Tears Information
    89. Holocaust Origin of the Word
    90. Burma?
    91. Blood Diamond Location
    92. Vlad the Impaler
    93. Zodiac Killer Background
    94. Hitler Death
    95. Holocaust Denials
    96. Hitler Bio
    97. Street Names: Nazi or Hitler Reference
    98. Swastika– Historical Meaning
    99. Results of Nazi Medical Experiments
    100. Big Red Gum –The Wrapper Stings?
    101. 1st Commercialized Super Hero
    102. Origins of Lacrosse
    103. Myanmar/Burma Situation
    104. Aging Foods
    105. 6th Sense: Understanding the senses
    106. Pig Information
    107. Which gum wrappers are edible?
    108. KKK and Nazi's in Skokie
    109. Origins of Concentration Camps
    110. Where are the tectonic plates?
    111. Population breakdown: male and female population and birth per day
    112. What is Scientology?
    113. What is the arable land for the United States?
    114. Puerto Rico's connection to the United States
    115. Country Smoking Bans
    116. Olympic Boycotts
    117. Russian and Indian Architecture Similarities