Basketball Lessons

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A few quotes that there important to me as I developed my basketball skills were:
  • "Success is a journey not a destination."
  • "We must risk failure to achieve improvement."

On this page you will find information, videos, and drills that will help you improve as a basketball player.

To improve at basketball you must dedicate yourself to focus on the details of your basketball game. Effort is the key. 100% effort is required to improve.

As with any sport - muscle memory must be developed through disciplined practice and repetition of proper form.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or set up a meeting to individually discuss any material found on this site.

1. Shooting

In my humble opinion, the shot, is an example of art. One must first learn the form of how to shoot and then repeat and practice that form hundreds and thousands of times until it becomes second nature.

One of the best shooters currently in the NBA is Stephen Curry. Below is a slow motion video of his form. Pay attention to his balance (your feet should be shoulder width apart at the start and finish of your shot), to his elbow (he is almost pretending he is holding a pizza tray with his elbow at a 90 degree angle), his full extension raising his follow through above his eyes, and the complete snap of the wrist holding his follow through until the ball reaches the rim.

YouTube Video

For further breakdown of shooting - you can watch Perfect Shooting Form from Shot Science - they truly break down a great shooting routine to practice.

YouTube Video

***Key it is important to shoot as many shots as you can with perfect form - as the video states the goal should be approximately 300-500 shoots per week. When I was in college I would shoot 500 shots per day. The more practice perfect the stronger your game will be.

It is important to first begin shooting no more than 3-6 feet from the basket practicing perfect form. Once this shot has been 'grooved' into the memory players can try several of the drills listed below.

  • Individually: Practice perfect form without a basketball - shoot 25-30 imaginary shots to perfect your form
  • Individually: Spin the ball, step into your shot, practice perfect mechanics from 10-15 ft; 
  • Group: 1 ball 2 players - one player is a rebounder and passer and one player is a shooter - each player makes 10 shots then rotates
  • Group: 2 balls 3 players - one player is a rebounder, one player is a passer, one player is a shooter - each player makes 10 shots then rotates

2. Ball handling

One of the easiest skills to develop with hard work is ball handling. The more you dribble and handle a basketball the better you become. Ball handling drills do not require a basket or other players. Instead you can work on two forms of ball handling: stationary ball handling and on the move ball handling.

Dribbling 101:

YouTube Video

Chris Paul Dribbling Drills - very well run station by the NBA player

YouTube Video

Great drill to improve your explosive dribbling ability - advanced - (stationary)
  • Please note the effort and dedication required for this drill - 3 minutes of this drill will cause you to be extremely tired if this drill is done correctly

YouTube Video

An advanced stationary ball handling video:

YouTube Video

On the move ball handling drills

  • Zig zags - as we worked on in tryouts zig zag from the corner of the basketball court, to the elbow, to half court and in for a layup. Work on each move several times (cross over, behind the back, through the legs, and spin move)

Do you have 20 minutes? This Steve Nash video is great to help you improve many of your basketball skills.

*Note his intensity, constant movement and focus.

YouTube Video

Ways to improve quickness and speed

  • Jump Rope Series (1 set includes the 5 bullet points - track the number of jumps you can achieve each day - work to improve)
    • 1 minute two foot jump rope
    • 30 seconds right foot only jump rope
    • 30 seconds left foot only jump rope
    • 1 minute alternating jump rope
    • 1 minute fast as you can any method

Other skills to improve upon:

  • How to shoot a layup:

YouTube Video

Bonus Video:
My favorite basketball player provides a 30 minute video describing basketball from his point of view. Michael Jordan describes dribbling, shooting, defense, and much more in this long video.

YouTube Video