Step-by-Step Process

Initial Recommendation
Student Study Team
Meets to Determine Placement & Develop Potential Goals
Intervention Teacher 
monitors student progress
The cycle continues
throughout the year


An important component of a successful Response to Intervention (RtI) program is the ability of the school to continually monitor student progress.  In order for this to happen effectively, a system has to be created that does the following:

  • Collection of consistent student data in a common place
  • Analysis of student data on an ongoing basis by the student study team
    • Review of student progress (fall, winter, spring)
    • If a child meets the criteria of an intervention, additional reviews are completed throughout the year
  •  Determination and re-evaluation of the placement of a child into or out of an intervention program (if needed) based on decision rules.
  •  Communication between administration, classroom teachers, intervention teachers, parents, and students
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