Individual or Small Group Programs

  • Individual or small group Developmental Guidance program--(All groups require parent permission or notification.)
    • Friendship groups are offered to students in need of friendships or helping them to become better friends.  The group meets for 8 sessions.  Sessions are customized for the individuals in the group.
    • M&M group - An attendance group that identifies students who have an excessive number of absences.  Students are rewarded for good attendance and monitored weekly.  Those who make their attendance goal at the end of each quarter are invited out to lunch at a fast food restaurant.
    • Changing families group - Students whose parents have seperated or divorced and are having a hard time dealing with it are invited to be in a group.  The group meets for 8 sessions.
    • Attention concerns group - Students who have a hard time focusing in the classroom and it is affecting their learning may be in an attention concern group.  Goals of the group are to learn to stay focused and become better listeners.  The group meets for 8 sessions.
    • Study skills group - Students who need help with organizational skills and homework completion may be asked to be in this group.  Helping them to turn in assignments and keep track of their things is the focus of this group.  Number of sessions varies as to the success of the group.
    • Recess play groups - If students have a number of O.D.R.'s or consistently having problems on the playground, parents will be notified that their child will be in the group.  The intent of the group is to get along on the playground and play appropriate games with others.
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