Ludger Woessmann

Professor of Economics, University of Munich

Director, ifo Center for the Economics of Education

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In my applied economic research, I try to combine scientific rigor with societal relevance. I think it is important to build bridges from research to the public debate.

I am particularly interested in the determinants of long-term prosperity of mankind. My research focuses especially on the importance of education for economic prosperity and on the effects of school systems on educational achievement and equality of opportunity.

My website offers two different ways to access my research:

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You can find an overview of contributions on Covid-19 and education at Topics - Schools - Covid-19.

New Working Paper: The Legacy of Covid-19 in Education

Paper on Covid-19 and Educational Inequality Published in the European Economic Review

Test Performance of German Students over Time: The Sad Smiley

Two PISA Papers Just Accepted for Publication in Economic Journal and Journal of Human Resources!

Paper in Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht on School Children during the Pandemic

CESifo Area Conference on the Economics of Education 2021 Took Place in Hybrid Format

ifo Education Survey 2021: Education Policies to Address Societal Challenges during and after Covid-19

Report of the National Academy of Sciences: Economic Consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Federal Funding for Education Should Be Tied to Reforms for Effective Use: Contribution to ifo Series on Next Legislative Period

Informing about the University Earnings Premium Raises Support for Tuition: New Working Paper

Chapter on Religion in Economic History Published in the Handbook of Historical Economics

New Book at MIT Press: Public Opinion and the Political Economy of Education Policy around the World

New Survey: How Did School Children Spend the School Closures in Early 2021?

Leadership, Management, Governance: Responsibility in the Education System: New Report of the Expert Council on Education

Report by Advisory Council at Ministry of Economics: Digitization in Germany - Lessons from the Corona Crisis

Information Fails to Close Educational Aspiration Gap: Paper Forthcoming in Economica

Editorial in Wirtschaftsdienst: Educational Losses due to Corona: How Can They Be Made up?

New Working Paper: Mentoring Improves Labor-Market Prospects of Disadvantaged Adolescents

New Working Paper: COVID-19 School Closures Hit Low-Achieving Students Particularly Hard

Positions of Political Parties Affect the Public’s Policy Preferences: New Paper in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Two-Volume Collection on New Directions in the Economics of Higher Education

New OECD Report: The Economic Impacts of Learning Losses

ifo Education Survey 2020: Germans Support More Unity and Comparability in the Education System

New Working Paper: Patience and Risk-Taking Fundamental to International Student Achievement

Paper on Educational Inequality and Public Policy Preferences Published in the Journal of Public Economics

Paper on the "Effects" of Communism in Germany Published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives

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