Uechi-Go-Ryu Karate - Adelaide

Uechi-Go-Ryu is a fusion of UechiRyu, Goju Ryu and Shorinji Kempo, and is headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia.

Our chief instructor is currently a 6th Dan in USA Goju Ryu and Shorinji Kempo with extensive experience (32+ years) in all three of the above styles.

Programs & Class Schedule

Our aim is to give our students a deep understanding of the art of traditional Japanese karate. This is done by teaching the art systematically through a predefined syllabus of techniques and kata (i.e. structured sets of movements) that continually build the student's level of skill.

Karate is a very enjoyable way of helping to develop the whole person and we commend it to anyone who is willing to regularly set aside some time to do precisely that. As your karate teacher is your partner in this endeavour it is important that you select a karate club that best suits your needs.

We welcome students of all levels from beginner to advanced black belts.

67 Bridge Street, Kensington SA 5068

Mob: 0410 142 879; Ph: 08 8332 4471

Email: valentinojcox71@gmail.com

The Primary Instructor - Sensei Valentino Cox, &th Dan

Sensei Valentino started training in Uechi-Ryu karate in the USA in 1981 and was awarded Shodan in 1987 at the age of 15. Relocating to Adelaide, Australia in 2007, Valentino established his own style of martial arts called Uechi-Go-Ryu. For a more full history of Valentino sensei see our instructors page...

About karate

Whether you have trained before or this is your first time trying martial arts, here is your chance to come along and train in a friendly environment where you can:

  • Challenge yourself
  • Develop strength in mind and body
  • Build spirit
  • Explore Zen as an Art
  • Enjoy training with like minded people

We honour this age-old tradition and so enjoy training with other styles/clubs and welcome students from the many forms of martial arts to come into our dojo and train with other like minded people.

As part of the Traditional Japanese Karate Network, e have a great support network with 8th Dans in Japan, United States and Australia who sit on our grading panels, run seminars and attend our camps.

For our annual karate training camp in Qld click here...