• Participate in an interview process that helps KCAD and Innocademy students understand various positive and negative social scenarios at school. This understanding will guide the game design. KCAD students will post notes on the Interview page.
  • UtIlize KCAD's technology research: Tech Research
  • Providing feedback on KCAD student's design concepts for their Sensiware project. Innocademy will post their feedback at this link: Feedback - Sensiware
  • Receive feedback from KCAD students for their game design: KCAD will post their feedback at this link: Feedback-Game


Overview: This will be the main project: design a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) game concept. that integrates wearable technology. The deliverable will be a game doc similar to this example: Battle Scars Game Doc.


  1. Participate in interviews with KCAD. Use the notes from the interview to guide the game design.
  2. Research: identify pop culture trends and record them here. Use this information to steer your design ideation towards the things that a variety of student LARP players will enjoy.
  3. Ideation will be a session where all ideas are recorded first... then most plausible identified. Students will use this worksheet.
  4. create their game doc on this page. Illustrations for the final game doc can utilize any combination of drawing, photography or video.
  5. Is there a way to create a low-fidelity prototype?