Overview statement

  • Finding friends through watch styles and faces.
  • Creating connections through watch fashion styles.
  • Squad finding game: Innocademy student concept.
  • Squads, themed squad room designs.


  • The first few days at new school can be challenging. Students will feel that they belong at the school when they can find their "squad" to hang out with. Watch designs/ styles can help students make connections with other students. The watch styles/ designs are interchangeable to provide flexibility with friend groups and interest/ style choices.

New student Betty, enters the cafeteria for lunch, most students already have friends and groups to sit with.

Betty looks around, trying to find some place to sit.

Another student, Fred, notices her and her watch, and sees that her watch is Star Wars themed.

Fred leans out and says in a hoarse voice "welcome to the dark side".

Betty turns and looks at Fred, confused.

Fred smiles and says "Sorry, did I say dark side, I meant fun side".

Betty laughs and sits down with Fred and his friends. They all have geeky themed watches.


  • Style choices can work in conjunction with watch face choices to signal interests.


  • Gamification is a great way to make school fun. Perhaps it can make less stressful the social task of finding your squad.

This Live Action Search Game Idea is based on a presentation made to us recently by Innocademy. It would be played in the first couple of weeks of the school year.

    • All students start in the gym
    • They choose their interest on the watch
    • They begin wandering around the school looking for their squad room.
    • Their watch indicates if they are getting warm or cold as they wander around the school looking for a themed classroom.
    • Eventually all the students end up with their "squad" in a themed classroom that celebrates that sub-culture.
    • The game could be repeated several times with students tasked to choose a different interest each time.

Example School Floor Plan With Themed Interest Class Rooms :

Examples of Student Squads/ Interests/ Themed Class Rooms:

  • Sports
  • Reader
  • Gamer
  • Cartoons/ Anime
  • Fashion
  • Magic/ Fantasy
  • Performers
  • Sci-Fi
  • Artists
  • Comics/ Super Heroes


  • Here are some examples of what might be in some of the themed classrooms.