by Corbin Swets

Classroom Shot

Wide shot of classroom. Chris walking into class. We see most students wearing the SENSIWARE glasses. One student has them on her desk, while another student doesn't have them at all. Illustrating not everyone needs them, or at least not all the time.

Glasses Case

Medium shot of Chris stopping at the SENSIWARE glasses case to grab a pari for himself.

Focus Struggle

Chris struggling to concentrate.

Ceiling Lights

Closeup shot of Chris looking above to the ceiling lights.

Bright Lights

The bright lights glare is vision as he reacts by turning his head and shutting his eyes.

Lens Dimmer

Chris manually fades his lenses by sliding the lens dimmer.

Better Concentration

Back to Chris, more concentrated on the lesson.

AC is Loud

The A/C unit initiates, making a distractingly loud noise. Chris gets distracted once again as he glances towards the machine behind him.

Noise Fader

He is able to manually adjust the mechanical noise with his white noise fader. The SENSIWARE 'harmony' is an audio module that is designed to constantly input environmental white noise. Once internally processed the white noise fader will react to surrounding levels giving the user the ability to neutralize or eliminate distracting noise.

Wrist Watch

Chris looks to his wrist watch. He is wearing the SENSIWARE 'heart' placed inside a wrist band. This device has many functions. In this case he wants to communicate discreetly to his teacher about the distractions he is experiencing.

Distractions Icon

Closeup of watch. Chris navigates to the 'Distractions' icon from the Main Menu (Highlighted in Yellow).

GUI by Chad Bitner

AC Message

To be more clear about the noise, Chris uses the draw message tool, with his finger, to write in "A / C." Send.

Teacher Wrist Watch

Shot of the teacher receiving the message on his own wrist device. The red lines represent the device vibrating, not ringing.

Heart Device Message

Closeup of the teachers 'heart' device, displaying the message sent from Chris.

Teacher turns down Dimmer

Closeup of the teacher dimming the lights down a bit.

Teacher turns off AC

Closeup of the teacher turning off the A/C unit.