• Discrete communication
  • Emotional Status Reporting
  • Reporting Bullying
  • Tracking Bullying


There are dozens of reasons that students may need to communicate discreetly with a teacher. Examples include reporting bullying, asking for academic help and for neurodiverse students: requesting temporary relief from an overwhelming environment... all with out the associated attention, stigma and targeting that comes with public problem raising.


Raise Hand

Chris, an autistic student that needs a short break out of the classroom to gather himself, has to raise his hand to get the teachers attention.

Called On

Teacher must call on Chris aloud.

Everyone looks at Chris

All attention focuses on Chris for a moment.

Chris is uncomfortable

Chris feels uncomfortable and stigmatized.


Chris uses Device

Chris can connect to his teacher through his device discreetly.

Teacher sees Device

Teacher can view Chris's message, then he can respond or react.

Secret Communication

Nobody notices the communication between Chris and the teacher and Chris can have his short break discreetly.

Chris is Happy

Chris feels happy!


  • With up to 30 students in a classroom coupled with the social stigmas associated emotional stress ... staying in touch with the mental health of individual kids can be streamlined with Sensiware.

Barney: “My cat died yesterday, and I wish I wasn’t here. I don’t feel like talking to anyone, or answering questions.”

Barney inputs his emotion into the watch. He selects the sad emoji and sends it to Mr Harris.

Mr Harris gets a notification on his watch that he can discreetly check while teaching.

The notification says Barney is feeling sad.

After class is done, Mr. Harris pulls Barney aside to ask if he would like to talk about his feelings.


  • Reporting bullying discreetly is important because the reporters will often become targets.

Billy pushes Austin in the hallway.

Kelly witnesses Billy bullying Austin. She goes to report it on her watch.

Kelly quietly inputs into her watch that she's reporting a bullying situation.

The watch then asks for her to input the location where it's happening. She taps for it to find her location.

The watch displays the map for the report of the gps location for the report.

A teacher nearby that received the notification of the bullying comes to stop the situation.


  • Bullies are sneaky and can often find a way to get to their victims even if they are "watched". Sensiware's proximity tracker can help with that.

Kelly is out playing on the playground. Billy, a repeat bully that has been ordered to not interact with her , approaches her vicinity

Billy gets closer to Kelly. She recognizes him as one of her peers that's bullied her before.

Teacher sitting at their desk working while the students are out for recess. His watch beeps with an urgent notification.

The teacher checks his watch to see the proximity alert. He taps for more information.

The watch displays who is involved and where. The alert displays that Billy and Kelly are the students involved and that the location is on the playground.


  • Sensiware can aggregate bullying data input by students, teachers and aids to help identify bullying zones.
school floor plan showing percentages of bullying at various locations

Image from Edutopia article titled: Anatomy of School Bullying.

Over time, Sensiware will aggregate all of the reported bullying and produce a map that shows where where and how often it occurs.