By Kaitlynne Heyworth

Lindsey hides from Rain

Lindsey has errands to run in the morning. She rushes inside the building to escape the rain.

Lindsey is in Long Line

She gets in a long line of people. The line doesn't appear to be moving very fast.

Lindsey checks Watch

"I hope this doesn't take too long she says," checking her Sensiware watch.

Lindsey is anxious

She waits anxiously as the line slowly starts to move forward.

Lindsey looks at watch

She looks at her watch again and frowns, only a few minutes have passed.

Lindsey goes to homescreen

She interacts with her watch first going to the home screen.

Lindsey's blood pressure is high

Next she checks her blood pressure, she notices that it's a little high.

Lindsey logs her mood into app

She decides to log her mood into the app.

Lindsey rates her anxiety

She logs that her anxiety level is high, 9 out of 10.

Lindsey feels better afterwards

She checks her blood pressure again, it has gone down to a normal level.

Lindsey moves in line

Looking away from her watch she realizes the line has moved forward significantly.

Lindsey looks at desktop

Later that day, Lindsey comes home after a long day of running errands. She sits down at her desk.

Lindsey takes off necklace

She takes off her necklace with the Sensiware Heart in it, and sets it on the desk next to her laptop.

Information is synched with desktop site

The Sensiware Heart connects to the laptop through Bluetooth.

Lindsey has not met her daily steps goal

She is able to view her dashboard here, with all of her new information from the day. She realizes that her step counter is only at 7,000. She has a daily goal of 10,000 steps. She can also see how her anxiety, mood and blood pressure levels correlate with her daily activities. This helps her understand which situations can be triggers for her.

Lindsey can put her necklace into watch setting

She puts the heart into the watch setting instead of the pendant setting.

She switches to watch to go for fun

She puts the watch on. It also shows that she has 7,000 steps with an unmet goal of 10,000.

Lindsey goes for a run to make up her step count

She puts on her shows. "Be back soon!" She says as she heads out the door for a quick run.