The Heart, Watch, and Pendant

Design by Chad Bitner, image from Kaitlynne Heyworth's Storyboard

Heart/Watch Pendant

The SENSIWARE heart is an interchangeable device, snapping into a watch and pendant. In the future, there could be more prototypes similar to the one's shown above. It's available as an Android or iOS app. The hardware and technolgy is licensed and purchased from Samsung.

Jewelry Ideas of Pendant

Ideas for Pendants

Audio Device

Design by Corbin Swets, image from Corbin's Storyboard

Audio Device Board
Harmony Blue Tooth

Custom Sensiware product that licenses part of the technology from Syllable and their D900S Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

The SENSIWARE 'Harmony' device manages the users audio experience. It connects to the users 'Heart' via Bluetooth, but also has manual controls on the module itself.


  • Volume slider for incoming audio from the 'Heart.'
  • White noise slider that reacts to environmental noise. The device constantly inputs environmental white noise. Once internally processed the white noise fader will react to surrounding levels giving the user the ability to neutralize or eliminate distracting noise.
  • Bluetooth connect button the connect users heart to the 'Harmony."


  • Durable plastic shell.
  • Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane ear wrap for a tight fit on any user. Threads into place for possible replacement.
  • Centered accessory dock giving the user the ability to personalize their device with accessories or jewelry attachments. The dock is an open opportunity for SENSIWARE or third part developers to produce their own attachments for the 'Harmony."
  • Dock release button.
  • High quality speaker set for clear audio and music.
  • Interchangeable ear buds. Optional sizes available are small, medium, large or in special cases a custom designed ear bud.
Ear Attachment Ideas

Ideas for possible attachments.

  • Characters
  • Jewelry
  • Logos / Organizations
  • Simple designs


Design by Corbin Swets, image from Corbin's Storyboard

Glasses Board
Eyeshot Glasses

The glasses would be licensed and manufactured by Jins Meme, a Tokyo based company that excels in Smart Glasses Technology.

The SENSIWARE 'Eyeshot' is a visual peripheral with simple functionality. The lenses are a prescription called FL-41 that research shows can help with painful sensitivity to light, fluorescent light flickering, eye strain and even reduce migraines. The top of the frame has a tint slider that dims the lenses when necessary. It doesn't require much power at all, so small solar charge plates are on the top of the frame.