Mack Will Present

  • Sensory Input Control
  • Time Management


This part of the Sensiware project was made with distraction in mind- a constant problem for students with Autism and ADD. Our solution is a pair of glasses the reduce sound and sight distractions by using Noise-cancelling speakers and well as tintable shades.


The technology behind the glasses is twofold. The first would be the Sound-cancelling Speakers. How it works is small microphones on the arms capture incoming sound waves. In a fraction of a second, the glasses create and play noises with opposing wavelengths, drowning out most of the incoming sound. To the wearer, louder sounds seem dimmer. Our glasses have a secondary function, where a teacher can speak into a microphone, and those sounds can be broadcast directly to the student. This can benefit students who have hearing disabilities, Attentive disorders, or are simply just too far away.

The second technology is electrochromatic film. Simply put, this film tints darker or lighter depending on the charge. Our version has concentric rings of this film in the lenses, that allow the user to block out distractions in their peripheral vision.

Example Situation

Wilma is sitting between two noisy kids trying to do her math assignment.

Wilma is upset because she cannot focus or hear Mr. Harris.

The sun is also shining right into her eyes.

Wilma puts on her Sensiware glasses and turns them on.

The glasses emit a sound wave that cancels out the girls talking around her.

The glasses can also tint on the sides to block out unnecessary visual distractions like the sunshine.

Mr. Harris is speaking into a microphone whenever he teaches a lesson.

The glasses have a small speaker in them that can relay what the teacher says to the student while blocking the kids talking next to her.

Wilma is able to finish her math assignment with ease.


After input from the kids at Innocadamy, an extra feature was added where personalized custom sides can be added to the glasses. With this addition, the glasses can feel more personable for the student.

Current Designs: Minecraft, Football, Glamour


  • Sensiware's utility can port to the home, providing schedules, alerts and reminders to students when they're out of school.

Becky is playing Minecraft on her computer

Becky gets an alert to do homework on her watch

She looks at the almost-finished Minecraft house on the screen

And picks up her watch to respond to the message, she chooses to snooze the alert so she can finish the Minecraft house, and then do her homework when it is complete.

She finishes her Minecraft house and feels in control of her time, yet appreciates the homework reminder.