Specialist Resources

Welcome! Thanks for checking out the JAG Indiana Specialist Resources. Below is a brief description of what you'll find on our site.

Curriculum Warehouse

The most exciting feature of the site is the Curriculum Warehouse. JAG Specialists all over Indiana are working hard and developing fantastic curriculum, and the primary goal of this site is to share that curriculum around the state so you all aren't all having to reinvent the wheel. You can search by multiple different features to find a lesson plan that works for your needs.

Our hope is that this will be a living, breathing database, so feel free to send us whatever lessons are going really well in your classrooms or let us know if any of the information we have posted didn't turn out to be accurate in your experience. The forms are available in the Feedback Tab under Curriculum Warehouse.

What is a Competency?

The What is a Competency? section gives lists of vocabulary and questions students should be able to answer for each of the competencies. This material is extracted from the pre/post tests from the JAG National curriculum. Feel free to refer to those pages when looking for inspiration on how to cover a certain competency, or to help you determine if an activity you've done in class truly applies to a particular competency.

Online Specialist Binder

In the Online Specialist Binder, you'll find the major documents describing how the JAG Model functions, as well as helpful templates and examples of forms and tracking sheets for organizing your class.


In the Calendar section, you'll find a Google Calendar with major events and some suggestions for how you might want to plan out your school year. This is a replacement for the pacing calendars Laura used to send out. While this calendar certainly isn't exhaustive or set in stone, we hope it will be a helpful guideline for you as you set up your class.


The Tutorials section contains several videos walking you through the different functions of the website and how you might want to use them to your advantage.