Support Staff

Special Needs Support Staff (Teacher Aide)

Teacher aides will work with teachers to support children with ongoing needs.

The teacher aide:

  • supports the mainstreaming of the special needs child into the classroom
  • follows the advice, guidance, and requirements of the classroom teacher and the SENCO
  • contributes to the development of the Individual Education Plan
  • works to meet the objectives of the Individual Education Plan
  • fosters independence as far as possible
  • maintains confidentiality
  • may work with other children, to allow the child time with the teacher. These duties are specified and clear.
  • prepares and maintains resources to assist the class or student programme.
  • may work within the classroom setting or unsupervised
  • works with individuals or groups to support teaching and learning across the school
  • uses existing resources as directed
  • maintains confidentiality
  • works hours negotiated with the principal.