Trustee Induction

Trustee Induction

The board is committed to ensuring continuity of governance and a smooth transition when trustees join the board. New trustees will receive a welcome letter on their joining the board which includes:

· where and when they can pick up their governance folder

· the suggested date of the induction

· an outline of what will be covered in the induction meeting

· the date of the next board meeting

· chair and principal contact details.

New trustees will be issued with copies of the school’s:

· strategic and annual plans

· policies

· current budget

· last ERO report

· last annual report

· triennial board workplan

· minutes of the last three open board meetings

· any other relevant material.

New trustees will be invited to attend an induction, facilitated by the chair or delegate, which will include:

· explaining board policy and other material in the governance folder

· code of behaviour – trustees to sign and agree to work within the board’s code

· overview of the requirements of the board chair role with reference to policy

· introduction to the strategic plan and explanation of its importance

· summary of any opportunities or risks facing the board

· professional development from NZSTA

· overview of first board meeting – election of board chair, delegations.

The principal and chair or delegate will brief all new members on the organisational structure of the school.

The principal will conduct a site visit of the school.

Board members are to be advised of the professional development that is available from relevant providers.

Reviewed Term 2, 2017