Community Consultation


Gorge Road School has a commitment to making consultation with the community an effective and sustainable process. It sees consultation as a major step in developing a collaborative relationship with the community and using feedback/data to make informed decisions. Effective consultation will ensure parents, pupils and families/whanau feel valued, respected and listened to.


1) To enhance learning by establishing a responsive and effective partnership with the community.

2) To inform and seek involvement of the school’s community in activities and practices within the school.

3) To encourage community and staff commitment by building on existing networks and structures, and/or establish new groups or networks.

Consultation with our community will assist learning and teaching by:

• Promoting shared values and beliefs

• Ensuring children, parents and teachers have high expectations of student achievement.

• Recognising the needs of the individual child.

• Ensuring the self-esteem of the learner is encouraged.

• Ensuring that parents and whanau have significant input

• Developing a greater understanding and respect for individual children’s learning styles.

• Participating collectively in supporting and encouraging the learner, thereby enhancing their achievement.

Consultation Procedures

  1. The school community is informed regularly on school and Board matters through newsletters, the B.O.T meeting minutes
  2. Goals for each year are stated in the school’s annual plan and form the basis for reporting.
  3. Responsibility for consultation and reporting is undertaken by the Board Chairperson and the principal
  4. Feedback from the school community is requested during for review.
  5. The Board of Trustees is responsible for reporting to parents, the community and other agencies on the success of programmes and achievements throughout the year.
  6. Consultation shall include: Health programme review, Curriculum review and Strategic planning


Consultation with the Maori community will:-

Acknowledge and recognise the tangata whenua of Aotearoa

Embrace and promote Te Reo and Tikanga Maori

Promote values, beliefs and aspirations of the tangata whenua

Develop strategies to enhance learning opportunities for all students including Maori

Ensure Maori contexts for learning are planned and implemented where possible

Provide a greater understanding and appreciation for individual students learning styles

Provide direction and perspectives on a preferred Maori pedagogy, when possible

Consultation with the wider community will:-

provide a welcoming, warm school atmosphere, acknowledging the value of parents’ support and partnership.

encourage parents to visit and communicate with the school..

be an on-going part of school life rather than a series of unrelated additional tasks.

allow for gathering, collating, analysing and reporting information, opinions are a prerequisite of effective consultation.

use culturally appropriate styles and venues in the local community to meet with parents.

be responsive to changing methods of communication.

For effective consultation the school must:

a) Ensure the parties involved fully understand the consultation process.

b) Develop a commitment from those involved

c) Select meaningful issues to work on

d) Draw on people’s strengths and interests

e) Give people prompt feedback, and well publicised and constructive action.

f) Have specific, regular and planned consultation.


Consultation is a continuous, long-term process which aims to establish a genuine level of communication between the school and the community, and a mutual sharing of view points. Through this collaborative consultation, a model of positive interaction between the child, their whanau, their school and their community should develop.