Student Achievement

& Curriculum Delivery




The Gorge Road School Board of Trustees facilitates student achievement by providing teaching and learning programmes that incorporate the principles, values, key competencies and objectives from the New Zealand Curriculum (2007) .

The board, through the principal and staff:

  • develops and implements teaching and learning programmes that:
    • reflect charter/ strategic plan aims, meet legislative requirements and are based on the NZ Curriculum
    • that reflect student’s needs, interests and community expectations.
    • provide all students with opportunities to achieve success in all areas of the national curriculum
    • give priority to student achievement in literacy and numeracy, especially in years 1–8
    • give priority to regular, quality physical activity that develops motor skills for all students, especially in years 1–6.
  • gathers and analyses assessment information to monitor student progress and achievement
    • identifying students, and groups of students, who are not achieving, or are at risk of not achieving or have special abilities (including gifted and talented)
    • and developing strategies to meet the needs of these groups and individuals that may include
    • implementing a learning support/ teacher aide timetable.
  • engages our Maori community to
  • develop plans and targets for improving the achievement of Māori students
  • provides appropriate career education and guidance for all students in year 7- 8

The principal must ensure:

· an annual plan is developed setting out how progress will be made towards the achievement of charter/strategic aims and targets and is approved by the board

· the school curriculum is based on the vision, values, principles and key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum (or Te Marautanga o Aotearoa)

· school programmes provide students in years 1–8 with opportunities to learn in all areas of the national curriculum

· there is a focus on the national priority groups of Māori, Pasifika and students with special learning needs in school planning and reporting

· assessment practices enable the engagement, progress and achievement of students to be monitored and reported


The principal will prepare (or, where appropriate, delegate, co-ordinate and approve) reports that:

· includes data and analysis on curriculum delivery, student progress and achievement

· tracks progress and variance towards strategic aims and key performance indicators

· informs the board of any significant changes in staffing, programmes, plans or processes that are under consideration.

Legislative compliance

This policy meets the aims of National Administration Guideline 1.

Education Act 1989

New Zealand Curriculum/Te Marautanga o Aotearoa

Reviewed 26 March 2019

Procedures Reviewed Term 2, 2019