The Rink is currently the first (lowest) level of the men's ladder. Teams are constituted by draft according the men's rules. Substitutions must be selected from the same or lower grouping of the men's substitution groupings to be legal. See men's rules for details. The schedule followed is generally round robin format. The Rink was moved to the first half of the season in 2010.

  • When: first half, Wednesday 7:00 pm (Note new time)

  • Chair: Erich Krumme

Current Standings

2021 Rink

Current Champions

2019 Champions: Dave Schroeder, John Davis, Roger Rowlett, Steve Gorrell

Previous Winners

  • 2019: Dave Schroeder, John Davis, Roger Rowlett, Steve Gorrell

  • 2018: Tim Crofton, Mike Kessler, Brian Lowe, Thomas Wilkinson

  • 2017: David Mitchell, Roger Rowlett, Brad Anderson, Scott Murray #

  • 2016: Erich Krumme, Bob Caine, Jim Schafer, Mike Krumme #

  • 2015: Gary White, David Kammer, David Mitchell, Allen Zuck #

  • 2014: Sean Lanigan, Dave Cragnolin, Bob Caine, Bill Sewell #

  • 2013: Gary White, Sr., Mike Kessler, Jim Rishel, Tim Twomey #

  • 2012: Doug Hurd, Dave Palazzoli, Gary Williams, Jim Revenaugh #

  • 2011: George Brown, Don Knapp, Roger Rowlett, Brian Lowe #

  • 2010: Roger Rowlett, Howard Feldman, Dan Kenney, David Mitchell #

  • 2009: John Jacon, Jared Wydysh, Bill Morehouse, Jeff Gornick #

  • 2008: Les Cortright, John Davis, Mike Przybla, Phil Citiriniti

  • 2007: David Cragnolin, Bill Morehouse, Peter Sheridan, Craig Heuss

  • 2006: Roger Rowlett, Mike DeGironimo, Bob Foley, Walt Czupryna

  • 2005: Shane McKinlay, Mike Kessler, Richard McFadden, Dan Kenney #

  • 2004: Mike Singer, Bill Morehouse, Chuck DelMonte, David Preznya

# first year curler indicated when known