Saving water

4 easy things you can do anytime to Save Water

Turn off the water while soaping or brushing the teeth

Everyone likes the sound of the flowing water,but letting to flow without using it its a WASTE

if you want to listen to something while washing your teeth,you have YouTube or Spotify

Listening to MUSIC not the flowing water you waste actually helps your brain to wake up faster and it gives you a boost for the following hours of work you have to do

By doing this tehnique you save 3L of water on person/DAY what means that if you do this for one week you already saved 21L of water

me, now you don’t have excuses no to try it

Dry your wet towels

-Just think,you make a shower,after that you use the towel what will become wet.

After this people make the usually stupid idea to put the towels on the washing machine,and how does this machine works? Makes your towels wet,and after that you dry it.

-Now I explained to you why its pointless.

-First of all you lose time,then the second thing is that you have to use chemical stuff to make your clothes smell like Chanel Madmoiselle but the most important thing is that you lose water.

-Drying you clothes saves 9L on person/DAY

An average american showers 5 times a week

-So after one week you already wasted 45L of water but in the summer generally you shower twice a day,wich means that you waste 80L of water in one week.

-I know that its hard to change from one day to another,but you don’t have to make very big things to make big changes.

-We waste a lot of water,don’t feel bad that you maybe didn’t knew about these things but we have to keep in mind that these are very important,and we can make a difference together!

Challenge of the day!

You read about saving water earlier,its not as hard as you think it is.

You know Madonna right? She has a song called 4 minutes.

The steps are simple:Put the song when you start showering and try to finish before the end of the song.

Not only you will have a good time but also you save water while you are dancing in the shower

5 Min showers

-Studies shown that people who shower around 5 minutes are more organised and more productive at work compared to those who shower more than 5 minutes.

This means that reducing the time of your shower actually is good for your mind too not only for the environment.

-Its a win win situation Come On!You just need 5 MINUTES to save 10L of water on person/DAY,thats 70L a week and 3.650L a YEAR what is a very good amount of water if you think about

Use Eco products

-Its good for the enviroment because it decomposes faster than usual products

-You can save the planet,but also you can save some money for later too.Eco products last longer and they are cheaper than usual products.

-You have a big variety of special,exotic soaps and also they are easy to make,just base yourself on your creativity.

-You don’t know where to start?

Your welco

“Water is a very valuable resource”

author: Adam Csiki