Sometimes, in small villages, you can have a feeling that there is not much to see there. But you are not in the city, so don’t look for big historical monuments, or crazy night-life. It is worth to be attentive to details of small village cottages, and farmhouses. And most of all, meet local people. They are keeping culture of villages with its traditions alive.

Many young Czech people are getting tired of a busy city life. They are trying to find their way back to the village, back to the roots. Their parents probably moved to the city for better work opportunities. One of the possibilities for new generation to survive in a village is to sell their home made products. Many of them run small family businesses with ecological awareness, and their products are in bio quality. When you try them, you can taste it – nothing like supermarket. Many of young people who live in the cities can say the difference too, so there is a growing demand for quality local produced food.

Yesterday was an interesting day for everyone. We had the chance to visit a small goat cheese farm in Merboltice. We helped the owner “Tkáňa” to move the straw bales from the nearby meadow into the barn next to the house. We had loads of fun rolling them down the hill. Then we all bought home made goat cheese. There is no more to say here. It tasted like heaven…

4th of July 2019