Progress of the work

4th of July

Reed bed is prepared for placing caoutchouc layer and geo-textile (delivered yesterday fortunatelly). After that we expect two trucks, first with small stones, second with sand. (Sand and stones is the filter for gray water.) Before that has to bee connected pipes of inflow and outflow of the reed bed. We have to be in time. Luckily we have man connecting this pipes together - father of Lukas.

The next step is to put down the layer of stone - 10 cm, and sand - 80cm

Its very important because the stones and will works as a purificator, so the GREY WATER what comes from the house in to the pool it can be useful for the plants what will grow in it.

And on friday we expecting the expert for connecting the tubes, who will also tell us more about simmilar systems.

Drainage tube for draining off.
Spreading of first layer of small stones - controlling the level.