Reed bed, water reservoir

conclusion of project called

Capturing water for life

By successful implementation of project´s aims we have significantly improved water management of Spolek Hvozd household – house nr. 95. Now we are able to re-filter all waste-water of the house and re-use it back if needed and we have capacity to capture 70 000 liters of water for irrigation. That is a real revolution in our water management and key to successful life in abundance during period of drought.

Reed bed and its water reservoir

All water used in the house is now refiltered in the Wetland wastewater treatment (reed bed) and then collected into water reservoir below that has capacity 13 cubic meters. We design this water became full of natural life with wetland plants and animals so it became eco-biotope itself. This water supplies can irrigate all our garden and fruit orchard below the pool just by gravity.

This cleaned water coming out of Reed bed is back up for future periods of drought. We can simply pump up this water back to the house and either use it for washing etc. or use it as drinkable water if we add another filtering devices (UV Lamp etc.).

Water pool II.

is another great achievment of our two-weeks project and its two-months preparation in the field. It collect all the rain and snow fall from our huge roof (90 square meters) all around the year.

With its deepness of two meters and capacity of 56 000 liters it has precondition for keeping water transparently clean so it can bee swimming pool, one has desire to jump in – instead of having shower inside and use precious well-water. To support cleaning process we will install there pots of wet-land plants that has strongest cleaning potential.

With its out-flow pipe situated by bottom of pool we can irrigate our gardens and orchard as well.

Project Capturing water for life was co-financed by Europe Union, volunteers was supported by European Solidarity Corps