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Capturing water for life

Capturing water for life

The short-term aim is to offer to European youths’ opportunity to prove their solidarity with local rural community. They will be helping to improve water management of permaculture farm and support its environmental self-sufficiency. Participants will create system for capturing rain water into natural pools in gardens and our edible forest. Therefore, this project is directly referring to issues of climate change. Its consequences already stroke in our region by unprecedented droughts.

Participants will face different cultural environment in an international team. That provides them a great opportunity for inclusion when working together with youngsters from other European countries.

During their residence at Hvozd, volunteers will be led by life-experienced members of NGO, applying new knowledge and suggestions in direct action. By that, the volunteers will deepen social and communication skills, awareness of their own and other cultures. The participants will be meeting local unbelievable individuals, thus experiencing a wide set of approaches and mentalities – experience of intercultural learning.

All we realize in our NGO Hvozd and in projects with participants comes from principles of permaculture. Permaculture is a design system in which natural ecosystems are the model for our human habitats.

Natural ecosystems are, almost by definition, sustainable. When we understand the way they work, we can make our own lives more sustainable.

Part of activities will be "Introduction to Permaculture".

Long-term aims are to secure the water supplies of water for Hvozd eco-farm. Water is needed for household use, watering extensive gardens and new planted trees in orchards.

Part of activities will be finalization of "reed bed wastewater treatment system" (Kořenová čistička odpadních vod).