YSFlight Scientific Research

DAT File Variable Influence on Aircraft Performance and Handling Qualities for YSFlight Version 20150406.

A combined report on the Physics of YSFlight and how the DAT File effects the aircraft performance. Updated October 13, 2018.

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Older Research Efforts:

1 - Calculating Angle of Attack from .yfs file data

Using Euler Rotation Matrices, you can calculate Angle of Attack and Side Slip no matter what you are doing in your airplane. This is useful for calculating Lift and Drag coefficients as well as looking at rudder and elevator effectiveness. Download the sample Excel VBA code to see how this might be applied.

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2 - DAT Variable - REFACRUS

A detailed look at the influence of REFACRUS on the Lift Coefficient of the aircraft.

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3 - Flight Testing For Cruise Range

Performing flight tests for your new airplane can be time consuming. Speeding up your flights by changing the fuel burn rate can help improve your test efficiency, but you need to account for the changes this has on your data.

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4 - Measuring Weapon Weights

The weight of weapons carried by aircraft have an impact on the performance of the aircraft. But how much does each type of weapon weigh? By using the F-35B, some weapons are tested and their weights calculated.

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5 - YSFlight Atmosphere

Before significant analysis of an aircraft's aerodynamics can be accomplished, a complete understanding of the atmosphere needs to be gained.

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6 - YSFlight Fuel Consumption and Thrust

Flying two test-bed aircraft (Boeing 787 and Mig-35) different flight regimes were analyzed by flying test flights designed to gather data on the rate at which fuel was burned and how much thrust was generated by the engines. Using basic aerodynamic equations the equations governing fuel burn and thrust can be derived.

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7 - YSFlight Air Density Model

Flying the Mig-35 at different altitudes while maintaining a steady Angle of Attack, the Lift Equation was manipulated to provide an equation for Air Density between altitudes. As a result the Air Density in YSFlight was positively confirmed to match the Standard Atmospheric Model.

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